Want to shoot a First Century Weapon?

[su_heading size=”30″]That’s right a weapon that was invented in the first century.[/su_heading]

First Century weapons have to be relics? Not really.

Believe it or not, the flame thrower was invented in the First Century. the initial idea for the flame thrower came from the Greeks in the year 1 AD, taking the form of hand-pumped flamethrowers on board their naval ships.

Later, the modern flame thrower, or Flamnenwerfer in German, showed up around 1901, and since was used extensively in WWII, Vietnam, and other conflicts.

Nowadays, private ownership of flame throwers is not prohibited by federal law, but a few states have restrictions. Texas, as probably expected, doesn’t mind if you own one.

That’s why DriveTanks.com added one to their arsenal, which includes far more historic and iconic weapons and tanks, all shootable and drivable.

If you’ve ever wanted to strap one on and fire it yourself, you’re in luck. DriveTanks.com will show you exactly where, and how, you can do it.

Source: Ox Hunting Ranch Instagram, DriveTanks.com

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