Turn your AR-15 into a mini Gatling Gun

If you’re craving to shoot a gatling gun, well you can now turn your AR-15 into one. Just by installing this conversion kit from Two Z Precision, this will allow you to fire 3 rounds per turn once installed.

This video below highlights Jerry Miculek taking your ordinary gat and turn it into a mini Gatling Gun! Complete with mini crank and all, able to fire almost 700 Rounds per minute on a standard semi-auto AR-15. After watching Jerry shoot, it obviously doesn’t look like a practical way of shooting and handling the AR, obviously its more for shoot and laughs.


Some folks on GlockTalk have even talked about employing a motor to the gat with a push button to activate the firing. Now before you all go and try to install one, be sure to check with the ATF ruling on this, anyways here’s the conversation on GlockTalk.

cowboy1964: I’m also familiar with bump fire stocks and such. After seeing this video it got me to thinking: would it be legal to put a motor on the handle and a push button to activate it? What, exactly, is the ATF rule/law that would make that illegal? The trigger is still being pulled for each shot, which I thought was the only criteria. Obviously this crank system involves no actual finger on the trigger so I don’t think they could argue that your finger has to actually manipulate the trigger directly.
I can see ATF having to make a “clarification” on this 🙂
(PS. I’m not going to do this so don’t harass me ATF! I’m just asking the question)

CarryTexas: These have been around awhile. They had them back in the early 90s and were called a BMF Activator. And no you can’t put a motor on it.

SJ40: I first remember seeing them in the 80’s,IIRC they went under the name of Activator but yes they have been around a while. SJ 40

DJNiner: In fact, if I remember correctly, mine came with a little piece of paper in the package, clearly stating that if you attached any kind of motor to it, you would be violating the law.
I used mine quite regularly on my bipod-supported 10/22 with high-capacity magazines. Lottsa fun!

Sigobsessed: I remember seeing these in the 80s, good way to blow through your ammo budget quick that’s fo sho!

J.R.BobDobbs: Same old junk has been sold for decades. Seems like you couldnt hold the gun properly and turn the crank. Advertizements like this make black-rifle owners look insane to the general public.

Haldor: Not a gray area at all. How does a minigun work? Electronic triggers have been available for some time. Weapons that use them are still Title 1 firearms. A machine gun with an electric trigger would still be an NFA item.
God I wish the Hughes amendment would be reversed. What a stupid law. With the GOP and supreme court in its current state I guess we are very unlikely to see that happen.

So has anyone tried out or made something similar on your AR?

Video Transcription

Jerry Miculek:

Hey guys I’m Jerry Miculek. And what a beautiful day to be out on the range. Kinda give you an idea; the other day I was sitting around the house, I realized I had way too much ammunition at home, I was gonna hire some people to come out here and shoot it for me, but they wanted too much for that to happen, so I started researchung on the internet, and I came up on reddit with this little crank for your gat right here. So that’s kinda a tricky little deal for what the paperwork said, every time you make a revolution it’ll fire three rounds so, we’re gonna take the flag out here and kinda give you an idea what exactly happens here when you’ve got this gizmo.

Alright, we’re clear. We’re on fire, so you start it- [click] that was one time, [click click click] that was two, wo-hoa! [click-click] and three. So that’s three per cycle, so I figured this would save me a lotta money, I wouldn’t have to hire help to come out and shoot my ammunition up. So being an enthusiast like I am, if I’m gonna shoot my ammo I’m gonna time it. So I’ve got a timer here that actually times revolutions– rounds per minute, not revolutions. Rounds per minute. So, this does three rounds per revolution, got thirty round mags, ten spins and I should have ten rounds out, so it sounds like it should be fun. What do you think guys, you wanna crank ’em up? Let’s go ahead, put it on safe, load it up, and see if we can actually hit something from the hip with this gat simulator here.

Alright, here we go! We’re on safe, we’re loaded, My timer is cutoff– why’d you do that? It’s ready to go! We’re on fire! Alright, let’s see if we can light up this gizmo here, here we go!


Alright! we’re empty! I tell you what, alright let’s go ahead ‘n flag ’em. [laughter] Well that was kinda interesting, guys! That was kinda fun! Let’s see what it did– you know what I did? It’s got a can on it, it didn’t pick up a shot. Alright. I shoulda realized that, but there you have it guys! We got thirty rounds off.

Hey guys, I didn’t realize the suppressor worked that good, so I’ve taken it off, I’ve got another thirty-round mag, we had put twenty-seven rounds on that previous target, So we’ve got our get crank here, we’re gonna see what kinda rate of fire we can get. A standard M-16 will function between seven-fifty [to] nine-fifty rounds per minute, and I’ve got this thing set and it’s ready to go on rounds per minute, so we’re gonna take this thirty-round mag, and see what we can do.

Goin’ hot! eyes and ears. Alright, time on! Finger ready! Here we go!


Yo! Thirty rounds! Clear, safety on! Alright, alright let’s go back and review our trusty timer here. Picked up thirty rounds, and uh, that was actually six hundred and eighty-one rounds per minute, so on the low end of it. Accuracy wise I think we probably– well we made a few misses there right on the get-go. if I had a laser on it or a flashlight to see where we’re aiming, it’s a little bit harder to get it on target, but I’ll tell you what, we’re about to swap it up, we’re gonna make it more exciting.

Hey guys, you remember I told you I had trouble with too much ammunition, and I wanted to hire help but it would have been too expensive? Well I came up with a better idea, I got a gat, but then I came up with another idea: You know I’ve got this ammunition to get rid of, I’ve got my gat, I’ve got my swivel here, it’s not gonna have effective fire, but I also wanna help the environment, I wanna help people. So what I’ve got here, what I have down-range is a bunch of sugar-filled drinks, guys. this leads to all kindsa childhood obesity, and diabetes, and just– so I bought as much of it as I could afford today, and I’m tryin’ to help as many people as I can, and I’ve got some other toys here. I’ve got a sixty-round P-mag So we’ve got a bunch of toys here, we’re gonna save the planet, we’re gonna help a bunch of people, we’re gonna get rid of this bad ammunition, so let’s just see if we can make all this happen– see what it looks like! Alright! Got my little Turret action going here, check this out guys! When you get bored on the range, you come up with all kindsa neat ideas. Alright! On a count of three, let’s see how many bottles we can get. One, two, three!


Woo! Haha! Alright! So there you have it, guys! I saved a lotta people from a lotta problems, I smoked my new suppressor, burned my barrel, all in one day, what d’you say, guys?

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Source: Jerry Miculek Youtube, TwoZPrecision.com

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