This is why you don’t use a Long Gun at Close Range

What happens when you use a long gun up close?

Disarm techniques have been taught to many law enforcement, military and in self defense courses. In the defensive tactics mindset, it is taught you never look for a disarm. If you do, its best to use your own firearm to disarm a bad guy. Disarms itself are accidental if not incidental.

Disarms are not that complicated its a matter of determination and self preservation being the primary motivator. Watch as this security camera footage captures the tables turning on a would-be thief.

The attacker in the video is wielding what appears to be a tactical shotgun. Unfortunately for him, he puts it well within reach of the quick-thinking victim. You would’ve thought the tough guy would’ve put up more of a fight! Stay Safe.

Sources: Reid Vander Veen

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