The .700 WTF Rifle

[su_heading size=”30″]You’ll see where the WTF comes from if you ever get a chance to shoot one.[/su_heading]

The .700 WTF rifle is a beautiful example of power and engineering.
This newly built rifle is shot for the first time, from the shoulder, with a monstrous cartridge.

The bullets weigh 1132 grains each and have a diameter of .700 caliber, and the cartridge can be loaded up to 2,300 feet per second. It can spit out a slug traveling 1600-1800 fps. All of these details make it a monster on par with elephant guns.

Shooting the rifle without the muzzle break would generate 150 feet per pound of recoil on the shooter’s shoulder. We would love to take this rifle out for a test ride at the range.

After watching the video, would you try it out?

[su_heading size=”30″]Video Transcription[/su_heading]

[Cameraman] Alright, rollin!

[Shooter] Ready?

[Cameraman] Ready! We got it! We have faith!


[Cameraman makes a noise of surprise, laughs]

[Shooter] That’s a pussycat!

[Cameraman] Ok, good!

[Shooter] Oh there’s the dot! ‘Kay are we ready?

[Cameraman] Yep!


[Cameraman] Woo!

[Woman nearby screams in excitement]

[Shooter] I feel the blast!

[Shooter] Okay, are you guys ready?

[Off-camera] Maybe you should move away from the mini, just in case it comes out…

[Someone else] For your brains…

[Cameraman] Yeah don’t break my window!

[Shooter] Alright.



[Cameraman] Woah! [laughter]

[Shooter] That’s really not bad.

[Cameraman] Just deflated my teeth.

[Shooter] …Yeah not quite.

[Off-camera] Yeah you’ve never been hit harder than that? [laughter]


[Shooter] That’s pretty close.

[Off-camera] Yeah.

[Off camera #2] You need to aim. You need to aim, Doug.

[Cameraman] …You’re gonna destroy it if you do.


[Cameraman] Woah!


[Camera noise blocking out most of the speech]


[Off-camera] Aargh that was so close! You moved it!

[Cameraman] How was it?

[Camera noise obscures most of the talking. Something about a Red Ryder]

[off-camera] Chambered. Lock it up. (Possibly f–k it up).


[Off-camera] Oh man.

[Shooter] YES! Oh dang!

[Cameraman, laughing] He killed it!

[Camera noise obscuring most speech]

[off-camera] How much was in there?

[Cameraman] One-eighty-five!


[Off-camera] Oh!

[Off-camera #2] YEEEES.

[Host] Alright, I’m back from shootin’ that 700, and uh, that last video clip that you saw just before this one, we shot a quarter-inch thick steel plate, it was set up against a -oh I dunno- two foot thick, maybe foot-and-a-half thick chunk of wood -log section- and it was mostly sap wood inside, so it was pretty dense. The bullet made it completely through the plate and embedded itself about a foot deep into the log. We were able to recover the bullet by splitting it, and we recovered the bullet, and there it is. So you can see it’s pretty massive, and it’s got a pretty good shape to it. I’m surprised it held together after hitting that quarter-inch thick plate. But if you notice, its weight is almost a thousand grains, and the bullet only started out as eleven-hundred ‘n thirty-two grains, so we lost a hundred ‘n thirty two grains punching through a quarter-inch thick steel plate and going into the log, that’s pretty good weight retention.

It also was not hardened lead, it wasn’t heat-treated, it was just straight air-cooled wheel weights, paper-patched, and the bullet -from my figures- we didn’t run it over a chronograph but I’m guessing it’s anywhere from around seventeen-hundred up to maybe 800 feet per second, according to the quickloads numbers.

When we removed the bullet from the log, in front of the bullet was a similar-shaped piece of steel that looks like this. It’s the part of the quarter-inch thick steel plate that the bullet went through. So the bullet basically made a steel jacket for the lead to push. That’s kinda cool.

Now I’ve got the steel plate here, let me grab it and I’ll show you that. There’s the plate. The hole is like a laserbeam cut it. There was so much energy imparted in this plate that there was an impression of this square plate in the face of the log. It’s a pretty clean cut for being as thick as it is, I have no doubt that this thing would punch through half-inch steel just as well, especially if I heat treated the bullet.

So thanks for watching, and I hope we’ll have more videos to come!

Source: jtcustomknives Youtube

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