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February 26th, 2015 by AmSJ Staff

Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical spent an afternoon at the Dynamo Shooting Range in Mytishchi, Russia with the Russian Special Forces Alpha team. There Larry got a chance to watch the Russian SF team lead by Andre (the Rep) on several CQB confidence drills that they run their new operatives through.

The objective of these crazy and dangerous drills is to instill confidence and focus on the task at hand, it is another form of “Stress Fire” training on steroids. One of WSJ staff have witnessed something similar to this style of training while stationed in South Korea and had a chance to observe the South Korean 707th SF prior to the 1988 Olympics. For the norm it is very dangerous to do.

Breakdown of the Drills
headshot1. Operator1 is wearing a protective vest, armed with a loaded pistol in side holster and stands approximately 10 yards away from a silhouete target. Second person (Operator2) armed with a pistol while holstered walks up parallel to the silhouette target and stops next to it pivots and face Operator1 and fires 3 rounds to his chest. (Note Operator2 stands offset to the target, this exposes the target partially)
Operator1 responds by drawing his pistol and firing at the face area of the silhouette target, thus simulating an actual face shot.

2. Multiple Targets – Three silhouette targets in the front with three in the back offset to the side. The operator job is to shoot to a specific target given by a command from one of the trainers. The flow of the drill is one after another while being taunted and shoved around while maintaining focus on hitting the target.

3. Multiple Targets with Live Person – This drill is the same as the second, but there are 2 live people standing in the back amongst the target. Obviously, this drill requires even more focus as the live personnel represents innocent bystanders at near proximity of target.

Even the Pros have Accidental Discharge

Even the Pros have Accidental Discharge

Warning do not try this at home, please consult with a certified gun instructor.

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