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August 11th, 2016 by AmSJ Staff

[su_heading size=”30″]Kit From Echo-Sigma Provides Wealth Of Emergency Options In Midsized Nylon Bag[/su_heading]


[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”5″]A[/su_dropcap]lthough I don’t consider myself a prepper, I do like to be prepared, so it may simply be an issue of semantics. Many of us, perhaps you included, have spent a boatload of time and money on building our own disaster bags, but there are also many premade bags on the market. Some are very cheap and wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the real world, but Echo-Sigma bags are at the other end of the spectrum. Their GHB, or Get Home Bag (reviewed here), is a medium-sized bug-out bag. This well-crafted kit seems perfect for one to three days’ duration, or simply to get you out of a sticky situation and safely home, hence the name.

As I unpacked the bag, I was immediately impressed and wished I had found it years ago. It is stored in a nice nylon sack, which should work great to keep it out of sight. No one needs to know that you have something hidden away for an emergency. The pack is midsized, but has plenty of room to add personal items and additional supplies if you wish. Pockets and compartments abound on this bag, all with heavy-duty zippers or elastic tops to help keep things organized.

Another great thing about this bag is that it comes loaded and ready to go. All the items – and they are plentiful– are neatly stowed and organized. No bulky packaging here.


Dozens of useful items are neatly stowed and organized in a medium nylon bag, available in red, black and coyote brown.


1 compact backpack

1 2.5-liter hydration system by Condor Outdoor

1 Echo-Sigma 1-3 Day Provision Pack (arid, with a five-year storage life in a warmer environment)

1 Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit that includes:

1 compass

1 emergency whistle

1 emergency blanket by Coghlan’s

1 BIC-brand butane disposable lighter

1 magnesium fire starter with flint striker

40 waterproof matches by Coghlan’s

1 Live Fire Sport Emergency Fire Starter

50 inches of duct tape

1 bottle of water purification tablets by Coghlan’s

2 chemical light sticks by Coghlan’s

2 BIC-brand ballpoint pens

1 pad of paper

1 set of earplugs

1 Echo-Sigma Compact First Aid Kit with:

1 4-inch scissor

1 3-inch tweezer

1 first aid card

20 plastic bandages

12 alcohol swabs

10 wet wipes

10 antiseptic swabs

3 sting relief swabs

4 pain relief tablets

2 3-inch by 3-inch sterile gauze pads

1 2-inch by 5-yard gauze roll

1 5-inch by 9-inch sterile abdominal dressing

1 0.5-inch by 2.5-yard roll of tape

Access to 14 exclusive online training videos

1 SOG Reactor multitool

1 waterproof LED flashlight by Fenix (187 lumen)

50 feet of military-grade 550 paracord

10 extra large zip ties

1 Coghlan’s Emergency Tube Tent

1 emergency poncho

1 plexiglass mirror for signaling help

1 Cocoon thermal sleeping bag by Survival Industries

6 premium AA alkaline batteries (guaranteed fresh for seven years)

1 pair leather work gloves

2 N95-rated respirator masks

1 pair of protective goggles

2 hand warmers by Coghlan’s

In addition to the great stuff, inside, the Get Home Bag features a 2.5-liter hydration system by Condor Outdoor.

But this bag is not simply a “one size fits all” solution. You’ll find a wealth of customizable options based on your personal needs and preferences on the company website.

First among these are three bag color choices: red, black and coyote brown. Want a more powerful flashlight? No problem, as even a headlamp is an option. Would you like more food? Add an MRE to boost calorie count and time in flight.

How about a different multi-tool? Four are offered at different price points.

Further website research reveals the availability of knives, axes, a folding shovel (entrenching tool) and more goodies, including a multi-powered radio.

LifeStraw and other water-purification items are available as well, and did I mention the Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration System with inline filter? There, I did. The instructions for each item in the bag are also included in a small waterproof pouch. After all, depending on the scenario, you might just need something to read.

But wait, there is still more! Want to step it up another notch? Echo-Sigma offers a SOG special edition Get Home Bag loaded with lots of gear.

Feel as if you don’t need all the items listed above? Opt for the Runner bag, a slimmed-down bag geared for lighter weight and faster travel, although it is also available with plenty of options and upgrades.

Desire something even larger? They have many fullsized bug-out bags with plenty of options and upgrades, plus a monstrous Emergency Roll Away for Two (ER2) kit that is packed with two bug-out bags and more gear. (Quick pause to drool – I do want one of these.)

What if you are already working on your own bag and just need a few more elements? No sweat. EchoSigma can provide a wide variety of pieces and parts to top off your kit, including food and water, trauma kits, compact survival kit, knives, tools – you name it. I ordered an Echo-Sigma Provision Pack to supplement my own ever-changing pack, an addition that will provide three to 10 days of food and water, depending on my activity.

The Get Home Bag from Echo-Sigma will help you do exactly what the name says.

The Get Home Bag from Echo-Sigma will help you do exactly what the name says.

This great company offers several other products, and among those are three I would consider “special” bags. First, a Range bag that includes magazine pouches, a first aid kit and a trauma kit (which I review elsewhere in this issue), and two Active Shooter Response System bags of different sizes. These are designed in conjunction with federal law enforcement officers to help keep them supplied in that type of situation.

All Echo-Sigma offerings are very well thought out, packed in heavy-duty packs and bags, correctly stowed and ready to use, so kudos to this fine company for doing much of the hard work for us.

To start your research, or to continue planning and building a personalized kit for yourself or a loved one, visit ASJ

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November 18th, 2015 by AmSJ Staff

Epic bunker Builder

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”0″]Epic Backyard Bunker[/su_heading]

The amount of work and level of detail, all done by this one guy determined to make the coolest bunker ever, complete with running water, food, weapons – a seriously cool stash of weapons – and creature comforts.

Video Transcribed by Sam Morstan

In an old town…
[“Take that Lincolnshire!”]
On an old street…
[Digging Machines whirring]
In an old house…
[Distant yelling over loud noises]
In an old garden…
[more machines whirring]
In an old shed…
“Not everything is normal. Right there, under my garden, I’ve dug an underground bunker. And the entrance is in ‘ere!”
[Rock music “When thoughts collide” by Heroic blaring]
“Oh yes. Ahahaha! How cool is that?! Oh we’ve got the bowed ceilings, ‘cuz you know, I’m three meters under the ground, I wanna feel like I’m underground, and I’m not just in a metal box. Let’s go have a look at the main room!”
[Claps hands together]
“Here we are, still underneath my Garden. And why? ‘Cuz I was asked, ‘What would you do if the world was to end in thirty-four days?’ I said, ‘I’d make a bunker!’, Which is basically me digging through solid rock, turning my garden into a quarry, welding tons of steel, and pouring buckets of concrete, ‘Till we’ve got this! So then, ‘Give you a tour!”
“So, Kitchen area! Cutlery, knives, and forks; that’s all up ‘ere. Down ‘ere we’ve got all the food an’ stuff, tin food, dry food, anything that doesn’t go off, doesn’t go out of date.”
“To cook it, we’ve got a microwave, ‘Course in my case, it’s a freezer-wave should you want to freeze stuff, whih you probably won’t. Water! We’ve got mains water effect from outside, and should that fail, got plenty of stored water up ‘ere.”

“Now the waste is dealt with quite coolly, it goes underneath here into a maserating unit which is behind the toilet system, and it’s all pumped up outside. Now the toilet, of course it’s uh, not very private, but it’s the end of the world, it doesn’t really matter.”

“Good air in, bad air out. Sleepin’ arrangements: Got me an ejector bed. Which I’ve got to admit, is not so effective down ‘ere. Got a gas mask in case of te inevitable, and as this bunker is heavily reliant on electricity, should mains power fail from above, ‘ve got a generator down here, and I’ve got another backup one in the shed.”

“Now then, natural disaster may not be the only thing that brings on the end of the world, humanity might go nuts. So we need to protect against that as well, so I’ve got THESE.”


“We’ve got Wolverine claws. If you want to be a little bit more stealth, the Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade. And we’ve got THESE two wonderful items, you’ll find out what they are in future videos, but what if we’ve got some crazies trying to bash the door in.”
“Well with this little remote control, push this button…”
“Awww yess!”
[airsoft gun shooting rapid-fire]
“Job done, They’re all taken out.”
“Now, also’ve got the cat bowl down here, so, the shady cat is down here somewhere. Cuz let’s face it, you’ve got an underground bunker, there’s just some things that you have to have.”
“Now at the moment we’re not in an apocalyptic situation, so this is basically currently the ultimate mancave, which is why we’ve got this lot!”
“You’ve got a MASSIVE flatscreen TV, we’ve got surround sound, which is has been built into the metalwork so there is no cables tanglin’ anywhere. Over ‘ere we’ve got all sortso f game consoles ranging back from the nineties up through present day, ‘course we’ve got a Skybox, and because you can make all the noise you want down here and no-one can here you, we’ve got a drumkit!”
[Loud drumming]
“And there we are! The Colinfurze apocalyptic bunker project. Now the most surprising thing, other than the fact that I’m sat underneath my lawn, is it actually looks remarkably like the plan I drew all those months ago. Now this is not the last think you’ll see of the apocalyptic bunker on the Colinfurze chanel, in future videos I’d like to look at making an air filtration system, but also different ways of generating power
other than using petrol generators. We should all thank Sky1’s “You, Me, and the Apocalypse” program because it was them that funded this, and made this all possible; but for now I think I’m deserved a well-earned cup of tea! Wooh! That was a long project.”

“So, to see the program trailer that sparked this all off, click up here [to the left of the video]; if you want to see how this whole thing was built from start to finish, playlist up ‘ere [To the right of the video]. And there we are! The Colinfurze Apocalyptic Bunker project is finally finished!

Epic Bunker Builder

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November 10th, 2015 by AmSJ Staff

A recent Reddit post made me want to reach through the screen and shake the author. This particular issue comes up so often in survival circles, and it can drive one batty:

For as long as I’ve had my AR, I’ve kept it equipped with iron sights only, on the theory that I didn’t want to rely on a battery-operated sight. That’s still true, but I’m rethinking my original choices and considering a scope or fiber optic sight. So, my question is two-fold: –

  1. Would you recommend iron sights, some form of fiber optic sight, a scope of whatever type, or a combination?
  2. For scopes or fiber optic sights, what model do you recommend that performs well between 100 and 300 yards and won’t break the bank?

Good for this guy. He seems to have finally woken up to the fact that an iron-sights-only build for TSHTF is suicide.

Let’s stop and think about this for a moment — really think about it:

The batteries on many modern red dot sights last for 5 years of continuous use. If you somehow manage to survive for five years in a world that is so collapsed that common batteries are no longer in production, then congratulations, Snake Plissken, you now have your pick of iron sights that are laying around, as well as your pick of pretty much every other product of our once-advanced civilization.

Another thing: five years into TEOTWAWKI your gun is way more likely to be out of ammo than your RDS is to be out of juice.

I put it this way in an earlier post:
“And for God’s sake just pick the best tools for the immediate job at hand without worrying about whether or not the batteries will last another 20 years. You’ll need every technological advantage, no matter how fragile and/or short-lived that technology may seem, to fight your way through this temporary phase. If you can afford some good night-vision equipment, then by all means add it to your Phase 1 load-out and quit worrying about whether your grandchildren will still be able to use it to defend the homestead.”

People who limit their SHTF firepower options solely to weapons systems that they think will be fully viable 50 years from now have just handicapped themselves when it comes to surviving the first few years after rule of law breaks down. If society totally collapses, and there’s fighting in the streets, then you know who’s going to get the post-SHTF benefit of your ultra-durable, no-electronics-anywhere SHTF gun? The guy with the fully modern, electronically advanced, tricked out blaster who just ventilated you and looted your Rawhide relic off your corpse for a trophy.

Oh, what about an EMP, you say? Buy a Trijicon. Yep, I know the tritium fades after 5 years, but again, see the arguments above.

By all means, put some collapsible back-up iron sights (BUIS) on your gun if it makes you feel better. But if you plan to survive the initial breakdown, then you’d better bring your A game and the best, most advanced optics and accessories you can afford–anything to give you an edge over the other guy. Save the cowboy action for competitions and historical re-enactments.

kac-flipupsUpdate: Just to be clear, I support the use of back-up iron sights, and I personally have KAC flip-ups on all three of my ARs. I’m talking more about iron-sights-only builds, and I’ve edited the title to make that clearer.

Story by Bilj
Photo by PEOSoldier Flickr

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