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July 13th, 2018 by AmSJ Staff

Meet Danyela D’Angelo a 93 pound 15-year-old girl who’s become a master shooter of all firearms. Seriously, she’s shot everything from the massive 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum revolver to all sorts of submachine guns.
You can catch her firing up the .50 cal Desert Eagle like a boss.
Ingram Mac-10 you say, yes, she shoots one suppressed.
The AR, yeh looks like she was toting the old CAR-15 (short barrel with thick hand guard) is what I call it.
She also competes shooting with AR’s and race guns.
You don’t believe us take a look at this video from Youtuber Yasin Pehlivan.

As she tears through the target with some heavy loads, you can’t miss that big grin on her face.

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