Top Duck Hunting Jackets

When it comes to Duck Hunting you can count on being in a wet and cold environment. So your gear should be waterproof with Gore-Tex insulated to keep you warm with breathable garment. Concealment is also on the list of your jacket, blending in is a must.
Here is our short list from Cabelas and Bass Pro that we recommend.

  • Cabela’s Northern Flight 3-in-1 Parka for Men – TrueTimber Prairie – $199.99

    Northern Flight 3-in-1 Parka for Men puts warmth and durability ahead of any frilly features, so you end up with a performance powerhouse ready for waterfowling. Built with a 100% polyester shell and 100% nylon lining.
  • Sitka Waterfowl Marsh Series Delta Wading Jacket for Men – Gore Optifade Concealment Waterfowl – $399.00

    The Sitka Waterfowl Marsh Series Delta Wading Jacket features a streamlined layout with 2 chest pockets, 2 shell pockets, high hand pockets, articulated patterning, a call lanyard system, and a fully adjustable rotating hood—all for maximum readiness at a moment’s notice for more successful hunts.
  • Cabela’s Northern Flight Insulated Wader Jacket for Men – TrueTimber DRT – $159.99

    Waterfowlers, we heard you, and we delivered. The Cabela’s® Northern Flight Insulated Wader Jacket for Men puts warmth and durability at the forefront of design, so you end up with a performance powerhouse ready for the wettest, coldest conditions. Built with a 100% polyester shell and 100% nylon lining, the Cabela’s Northern Flight Insulated Wader Jacket for Men.
  • Sitka Waterfowl Marsh Series Delta Wading Jacket for Men – Gore Optifade Concealment Waterfowl – $399.00

    The Sitka Waterfowl Marsh Series Delta Wading Jacket features a streamlined layout with 2 chest pockets, 2 shell pockets, high hand pockets, articulated patterning, a call lanyard system, and a fully adjustable rotating hood—all for maximum readiness at a moment’s notice for more successful hunts. Water-sealing cuffs keep the elements off your wrists and arms while aiming down a trophy, and a DWR finish repels light surface moisture for quick-drying performance to make this Sitka waterfowl jacket the best yet. Machine wash.
  • Browning Wicked Wing Insulated Wader Jacket – Mossy Oak – $149.99

    Its time to step up your waterfowl hunting clothes. Its time you elevated your waterfowl game to the Browning Mens Wicked Wing Insulated Wader Jacket. This Browning waterfowl jacket combines waterproof/windproof fabric and 80-gram PrimaLoft Insulation to keep you dry, warm, and focused, even in a cold blind on a wet morning. The fully adjustable, attached hood puts you in control of head coverage. Large, low-profile chest pockets and fleece-backed handwarmer pockets keep vital gear close while keeping digits toasty. The full-zip front sports water-resistant zipper hardware.
  • Scent-Lok Morphic 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket for Men – TrueTimber Strata – $239.99

    Legendary scent management meets weatherproof toughness in the Scent-Lok® Morphic 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket for Men. A waterproof/windproof membrane in this Scent-Lok jacket and inner vest keeps harsh elements at bay, letting you stay focused on the hunt with more confidence than ever before. Acclaimed Carbon Alloy™ odor-adsorbing technology gives this waterproof hunting jacket incredible power to reduce your scent signature neutralize game’s natural advantage.
  • Drake Waterfowl Systems EST Heat-Escape Waterproof Full-Zip 2.0 Hooded Jacket for Men – Mossy Oak Bottomland – $159.99

    Temperatures swing wildly in the early season. You need to be ready for cool gusts and bright sun at the same time. For these unpredictable days, turn to the Drake Waterfowl® EST Heat-Escape Waterproof Full-Zip 2.0 Hooded Jacket for men. Packing a full slate of early-season waterfowl hunting features, this Drake jacket will keep you focused on the flock. 100% polyester construction with the acclaimed Hypershield 2.0 Technology™ gives 100% waterproof/windproof/breathable protection for total weatherproofing with cool ventilation. Ultra-durable Refuge HS™ material resists snags and tears, and unique Heat Escape™.
Wading In…
There are many good companies that offers their warmets jackets. However, some are just a little too thick to be wearing and not as flexible as the ones you see above. This is not our complete list, just a few good ones. Be safe, warm and happy hunting!

Top 10 Warmest Winter Hunting Clothes

If you plan on doing some extreme hunting this upcoming winter, make sure to check out these warm winter hunting clothing out there. There’s nothing worse than finally getting to your hunting spot, only to be freezing cold 20 minutes later. This is the modern day not the old days, you can find some of the warmest winter hunting apparel on the market.
Not all of the best hunting ranches are located in nice, warm weather climates. No matter if you’re hunting in Alaska or the brutal winters of New England, you’ll be grateful for the warmth these pieces provide.
Not only do they help you stay toasty, but you’ll be able to hunt longer and harder, increasing your chance of another great harvest.

  1. Cabela’s Stand Hunter Extreme Parka
    Cabela’s Stand Hunter Extreme Parka is a must-have for anyone who hunts in extreme winter weather. Designed with both Woolitimate fabric and Thinsulate Platinum insulation, this parka keeps you warmer than you can imagine. To ensure warmth, yet cut down on bulk, Cabela’s varies the level of insulation to give you warmth where you need it most.
    The parka features 150-gram Thinsulate throughout, with 200 grams surrounding your core and 300 grams down your spine and around the kidneys to help heat the areas that impact the rest of your body. With a removable 150-gram Thinsulate hand warming muff, two chest hand warmer pockets and a removable hood, even your appendages stay toasty warm.
  2. Cabela’s MT050 Whitetail Extreme GORE-TEX Parka for Men – Price: $299.99 $309.99
    Continually evolving with cutting-edge innovations, the Cabelas\u00ae MT050\u00ae Whitetail Extreme\u00ae GORE-TEX\u00ae Parka for Men delivers the best hunting parka for wet- and cold-weather hunting.

  3. Bulk Ammo In-Stock

  4. Core4Element Elevation Jacket
    The Core4Element Elevation Jacket features Down Tek’s 700-fill power Canada Goose down to keep you warm and dry even in the harshest of conditions. The Canada Goose down is not only a great insulator, but it keeps on working even if it’s wet and is lightweight enough it doesn’t hold you back. The water-repellent finish keeps water out and heat in, even during the pouring rain. With extra features like a fleece-lined collar and inside hand warmer pockets, this jacket will soon become the one you grab when the weather is at its worst.
  5. Mycore Control Heated Jacket
    The Mycore Control Heated Jacket features two heating elements strategically placed to keep you warm. With one at the pulse point on each wrist, your hands and core stay warm, even when it’s brutal outside. With three different levels, you can find the right level of heat no matter what the weather. And with a two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that last up to 12 hours, it can keep you warm no matter how long you stay in the woods.
  6. Under Armour Timber Jacket for Men – Ridge Reaper Camo Barren – $250.00
    Engineered for powerful warmth during thoseong whitetail sits, the Under Armour\u00ae Timber Jacket for Men comes through in the most extreme conditions. But that doesn’t mean this Under Armour hunting jacket feels heavy or makes too much noise.

  7. Cabela’s MT050 Whitetail Extreme GORE-TEX Pants for Men – Cabela’s O2 Octane – 48 $259.99
    Continually evolving with cutting-edge innovations, Cabelas MT050 Whitetail Extreme\u00ae GORE-TEX\u00ae Pants deliver the best hunting pants for wet- and cold-weather hunting. Weve improved these Cabelas hunting bibs with the reduced bulk of Adva

  8. LaCrosse AlphaBurly Pro Hunting Boots for Men – Mossy Oak Break-Up Country – $169.99
    A smart pick for scent-free, waterproof hunting,aCrosse\u00ae AlphaBurly Pro Waterproof Hunting Boots keep feet comfortable and hunters focused on the hunt. Handcrafted rubber-over-neoprene construction provides warm, scent suppressing, waterproof.

  9. Sitka Coldfront Bib Pants
    The Sitka coldfront Bib Pants use innovative technology to keep you warm. Designed with a special three layer GORE-TEX shell, it blocks wind and water, while retaining your body heat to keep you warm.
    The micro-grid fleece lining adds extra insulation while wicking away moisture. The high back and reinforced seat keep snow and wind from blowing into your clothes, ensuring you stay warm and dry. With optional bib straps, these can be worn as pants or bibs. These pants also feature Opti-Fade camo, based on how animals see, making you nearly invisible in the woods.
  10. Cabela’s Stand Hunter Extreme Coveralls
    If you’re looking for a coverall, these are the pair you need to have. Cabela’s Stand Hunter Extreme Coveralls are engineered to keep you warm even in the extreme cold. By using its Zone Insulation System, these coveralls vary the Thinsulate level to give you the warmth you need, while still allowing you room to move. They feature 150-gram Thinsulate Platinum insulation throughout, with 200 grams surrounding your core, 300 grams down your spine and kidneys and 500-gram insulation on the seat to ensure you’re warm no matter what it’s like outside. And with a removable hand muff, hood and hand warmer pockets, you’re comfortable no matter what.
  11. Sitka GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Waterfowl Timber Hudson Jacket for Men – 2XL – In Stock
    The Sitka® GORE® OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Timber Hudson Jacket for Men brings precision engineering for extended exposure to wet and frigid conditions. This Sitka jacket additionally provides optimal mobility for easy, accurate shooting. Innovative GORE-TEX® with STRETCH technology and body-mapped insulation across the shoulders and neck ensure not only weatherproof protection but reliable warmth without excess weight or bulk. The Sitka GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Waterfowl Timber Hudson Jacket for Men moves with the hunter for unhindered shooting and uncompromising shielding from the elements. Updated body-mapped PrimaLoft Insulation—60-gram in the shoulders and 40-gram in the sleeves and body—maximizes heat retention without sacrificing mobility, allowing the shooter to engage birds effortlessly. Machine wash. Imported.Manufacturer style #: 50204. 100% polyester Body-mapped GORE-TEX® with Stretch technology PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation: 60-gram across shoulders, 40-gram in sleeves and body Sculpted hood for visibility High handwarmer pockets 2 chest and shell pockets Magnetic tuck-away call pockets Water-sealing cuffs.

  12. Sitka Blizzard Bib Pants
    Keep yourself warm and dry with Sitka Blizzard Bib Pants. With 650-fill power white duck down and PermaLoft Down Blend Silver insulation, these pants blend two of the best insulators out there to bring you a pair that won’t let you down. Not only do they keep you warm even in the roughest of conditions, but with GORE-TEX laminate and a water repellent finish, these pants keep you dry on the outside while wicking material keeps you dry on the inside. With extra features like a high back, reinforced seat, cargo pockets and side zips, these pants are a must have for anyone who hunts in extreme conditions.
  13. Cabela’s Wooltimate Ninja Hood
    If you’re looking for complete coverage, consider Cabela’s Wooltimate Ninja Hood. Made from Cabela’s unique Wooltimate fabric, it’s the perfect blend of warm wool and soft Berber fleece. Add in 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation and odor-resistant Polartec Power Dry grid fleece lining, and you’ll be amazed at how warm and comfortable this hood is to wear. With complete head and neck coverage, nothing but your eyes are exposed, ensuring you stay warm during your whole hunt.
  14. Cabela’s Instinct Stand Hunter Parka for Men with SCENTINEL Scent Control Technology and 4MOST DRYPLUS – $199.99
    When it’s time for muscle memory to take over, you need to be able to trust your instinct. The Cabela’s\u00ae Instinct Stand Hunter Parka for Men with SCENTINEL Scent Control Technology and 4MOST DRYPLUS delivers the most trustworthy men’s hunting jacket.

  15. RedHead Mountain Stalker Elite Parka for Men – TrueTimber Kanati – LT – $169.99
    The RedHead\u00ae Silent Stalker Elite Parka for Men is ready for the coldest hunts with 100% polyester construction, Thermolite\u00ae Micro Insulation: 200-gram in the torso, 150-gram in the sleeves, and the famous BONE-DRY\u00ae 100% waterproof/windproof.

  16. Under Armour Ridge Reaper Alpine Ops Parka for Men – Ridge Reaper Camo Barren – 3XL – $280.
    When warmth matters as much as agility and ruggedness, step up to the Under Armour\u00ae Ridge Reaper\u00ae Alpine Ops Parka for Men. This precision-engineered Under Armour hunting jacket brings 800-fill-power goose-down insulation for extreme warmth

  17. Cabela’s Stand Hunter Gloves for Men – $69.99
    If you’re interested in trying mitts, Cabela’s Canadian Stand Hunter Gloves keep you warm no matter what. With over 1,000 grams Thinsulate Ultra insulation, it doesn’t matter what Mother Nature throws at you, you’ll be ready. These 3-in-1 gloves come with a removable power-stretch inner liner that features Data-Tip technology, allowing you to use your touchscreen phone without having to take off layers and expose skin to the elements.
    The outer mitten’s all-weather grip palms not only allow you to grab onto things, it also stops saturation even in the pouring rain. The mitts’ feature trigger finger zippers to give you easy access when it’s time to pull the trigger. And the extended cuffs and two-way wrist cinches will stop cold air, wind, and snow from traveling up and under the fabric.
    Designed and field-tested as the ideal gloves for warmth and readiness in brutally cold conditions, Cabelas\u00ae Stand Hunter Gloves for Men have you coveredike nothing else on the market. 3M\u2122 Thinsulate\u2122 Insulation\u20141,000

Some FAQ’s
What are the warmest hunting clothes?
According to the internet the following extreme garment will keep you toasty allowing you to hunt longer and harder:
  • Cabela’s Men’s MT050® Whitetail Extreme® GORE-TEX® Parka
  • Under Armour® Men’s Timber Jacket
  • Cabela’s Outfitter’s Wooltimate Jacket with 4MOST WINDSHEAR
  • Sitka® Men’s Downpour Pants.
If you’re ready to head out for some duck hunting, go here to see some Top Duck Hunting Jackets.

Sources: Cabelas, Flickr/Tom K, Molly Carter

Its Official Bass Pro Shops buys Cabela for $4 Billion

Bass Pro Shops has been in the process of attempting to purchase Cabela’s for quite some time. That deal finally has come to a close to the tune of roughly $4 billion. Many employees of Cabela’s were informed this would occur through informal meetings on Friday, September 22nd. Now the general public is privileged to the knowledge of the completed sale as well.

Between the two companies, there will be 185 stores total; Bass Pro Shops with 100 and Cabela’s with 85 of their own. Most all of the stores are expected to remain open because their respective territories do not overlap much. In some cities the two giants can be found pretty close though such as Clarksville, Indiana. Situations such as that will prompt discussions for stores to be placed on the chopping block because it is irrational to compete against yourself in a small market.

With concerns from employees, their families and customers, the merged brand of Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops has already begun marketing the joint venture as “moving forward together.” This can be seen on each company’s website to alleviate any worries people may have.

This newly forged titan duo perceives themselves as being the “best-of-the-best” and hopes to exemplify that as they grow and hopefully flourish through their partnership.

Johnny Morris, founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops, wrote a letter for all of the customers of Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops that can be seen on either website.

“Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, two iconic brands and leaders in the outdoor industry, have officially joined forces with a vision to become North America’s premier outdoor and conservation company. The combined company is poised to provide customers with unmatched offerings spanning premier destination retail, outdoor equipment manufacturing, world-class resort destinations and more with a strong commitment to advancing conservation initiatives.

‘We are excited to unite these iconic American brands to better serve our loyal customers and fellow outdoor enthusiasts,’ said noted conservationist and Bass Pro Shops Founder and CEO Johnny Morris. ‘As we move forward, we are committed to retaining everything customers love about both Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s by creating a ‘best-of-the-best’ experience that includes the superior products, outstanding customer service and exceptional value our customers have come to expect. We’re also deeply motivated by the potential to significantly advance key conservation initiatives.’

The combined company offers outdoor enthusiasts superior products, dynamic locations and above all, outstanding customer service. Innovative experiences include Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid, the largest, most dynamic retail destination experience ever created. Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, the gigantic 52-million cubic-foot facility also contains the remarkable Big Cypress Lodge. Additional offerings include award-winning hospitality and nature-based attractions like Big Cedar Lodge, the wilderness resort in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains recently recognized as the number one resort in the Midwest by Travel + Leisure for the second consecutive year. The company’s manufacturing arm, White River Marine Group offers an unsurpassed collection of industry-leading brands including TRACKER®, SUN TRACKER®, NITRO®, TAHOE®, REGENCY®, MAKO®, RANGER®, TRITON®, STRATOS® and ASCEND® among others.

Conservation and introducing new audiences to the outdoors is a key focus of Morris. Last week the conservation-minded visionary opened Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium, the largest, most immersive fish and wildlife attraction in the world. Located next to Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, Wonders of Wildlife is larger than the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. With 35,000 live fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds, the 350,000 square-foot complex is a wonder in and of itself. Wonders of Wildlife is a gift to future generations from Johnny Morris, establishing a significant not-for-profit conservation attraction and education center in the heart of America.”

To see what has been accomplished as of late is quite impressive considering each company’s humble beginnings. Bass Pro Shops started out by selling its wares in a mere 8 square feet of a liquor store in 1972 of all places. But then again, maybe not that weird considering the ATF governs both (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms; but I digress). Cabela’s similarly did not jump out the gate with the behemoth stores they have now. Initially, they began as a mail order company in 1961 which sprung up and was managed from a kitchen table.

Now with their partnership struck, they look to “move forward together” just like their newest marketing slogan states. Each company will retain its own name; nothing will be re-branded. Gift cards of either company will be honored at both stores. You will be able to make returns to either store regardless which store a product was originally purchased. If you own one of either company’s credit cards, you will be able to earn points at both locations. All of the exclusive brands and unique offerings each store carries and worked to leverage over the years will remain. Once again, nothing will be consolidated.

Sources: Original story from TFB, Daily News, Press Releases, A Scepeniak