The Sedgley Glove Gun that packs a Punch

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Anyone seen Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds where they used a pistol mounted glove to elminate a couple of German guards? Guess what?, in the real world U.S. military did manufactured some in small numbers.

Originally it was designed for the U.S. Navy made by RF Sedgley company. The pistol is a single shot .38 S&W barrel mounted alongside a plunger, that extends beyond the muzzle of the barrel. The entire thing is riveted to a heavy glove. It’s designed when the person makes a fist, the plunger and muzzle are left slightly in front of the knuckles. Upon impact while punching someone or somehting, the plunger is depressed, which fires the weapon.


To reload, it requires releasing a latch and pivoting the barrel up to eject the empty round and load a new one by hand, this was a very slow reload.

Punch_Pistol_SceneAccording to U.S. Military 50 to 200 of them were issued. There is no confirmed record of it being used in combat or by the OSS (Office of Strategic Services).

Other citations refers that the Sedgley glove gun was issued to a Navy beach jumper. His job was to use a PT boat to cause confusion and chaos while performing amphibious landing operations. Another scenario that was instructed was, in case the Japanese boarded his boat, he was to raise his hands up to surrender. This would conceal the firearm, however reloading would be a problem if there was a second Japanese soldier coming towards him. So word has it that they would just stick to their 1911 instead.

For the record a curator of the WWII museum stated that the Navy did issue this weapon on the idea that it was a neat thing to have, go figure.

Source: Ian McCollum, Forgotten Weapons Youtube, Rock Island Auction Company

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