Inside workings of a Marlin 336

For those that own a Marlin 336 rifle its such a nostalgic rifle to have for those cowboy days. Chambered in a .30-30 caliber is perfect for whitetail hunting.
May be the second most popular lever action rifle behind the Winchester 1894.
If you’re strapped on cash this rifle is reasonably priced, powerful, accurate and easy-to-use. These qualities help make the Marlin 336 one of the most prolific hunting rifles in north America. Hunters have fell deer, elk, bear and feral hogs with this little .30-30.
Marlin 336 shines greatly in thickly wooded area where the ranges are much closer.
Here’s a cool video animation that shows a cutaway view of the interior workings of a Marlin 336 as it goes through the firing process.

It shows the gun from several different angles and with various components highlighted to give you a thorough and complete understanding of how the rifle functions.