Police Survival back in the Day was Different

Lets step back in time and see how our illustrious FBI G-men trained back in the day for survival shooting.
You gotta remember FBI methods were supposed to be the leading edge in gun tactics. These gunfight methods were passed down to the local law enforcement agencies.
For those that have training in LE and military, you’ll noticed the old barricade technique that was taught and toting that .38 Smith & Wesson. (and the old Charger vehicle as police cruiser)
Key Takeaways
-Lectures on ricochets have been going on since those 1974 days for the G-men and good to know. These lessons are still taught today at BLEA (Basic Law Enforcement Academy).
-Hip shooting with a shotgun vs shoulder fired methods for close quarter encounter differ from back in the day to now. Present day utilizes the low to high ready position.
-Overall, its important to note the use of cover has always been the same, just the firing methods and weapon employment are different in modern day. You can also sense a flair of Rex Applegate shooting methods taught from the post WWII era.
These vintage videos gives you new perspective on how gun training has evolved for survival.