Glock 43 vs Shield

Most people always presume that small carry guns like M&P Shield and Glock 43 are useless when M&P9 or Glock 17 can be concealed under their cargo pants or a huge flannel shirt.

Which is a 9mm Better Carry?
A Glock 43 or a S&W Shield 2.0?
They’re both small, single stack, lightweight, polymer and considered the self-defense premier 9mm for the concealed carrier. Here are some of their plus features.
S&W Shield 2.0

  • S&W Shield is a 7 plus 1
  • comes with a 8 plus 1 mag
  • has external safety
  • Novex sights low profile, better than Glock
  • Costs less than Glock (-$50)
  • Tacky grip

Glock 43

  • More velocity
  • smaller lighter gun
  • mag release is better

What do you think?, which would you go with?

Sources: TFB Youtube, James Reeves