FlashBang Bra Holster

Ok, this is for the carry concealed crowd of the female gender. This isn’t about style but practicality, in the past it has been quite the challenge for females to conceal their guns. Now comes along Flashbang Bra by Lisa Looper of Looper Law Brand creates a mini gun holster made of hard plastic, here’s the breakdown:

  • The Flashbang consists of a leather strap bolted in to a hard plastic clam shell case
  • With a firm push, the clamshell snaps over the slide of the firearm.
  • The clamshell fits securely over the firearm and immobilizes the slide and trigger.
  • comes with three interchangable leather straps for various bra band widths.
  • To change strap sizes, simply unscrew the bolt and replace the leather with the desired size.
  • The gun fits inside the bra band against your chest. The bra band supports the gun and holds it in place.

Viewing videos and testimonials of users, They all enjoy wearing this conceal weapon. Functionally it does work and you can get your gun out very quick with some practice. Though it can be worn at anytime, you’re limited to the type of clothing and the bra you wear. Speaking of which what about the different sizes of the cup bra, does it affect the wearing of Flashbang? Natalie Foster NRA Commenter states in her blog in comparison to the A and B cup wearer was undetected.

There are some muzzling debate about “how do you keep from pointing the barrel at yourself or others?”, Lisa Looper answers –
“I think the most useful point in the muzzling debate is that the trigger guard is completely covered and in addition the slide is immobilized. People don’t worry about a gun that may/may not be loaded that’s just sitting on a table somewhere. Guns aren’t known for randomly firing off a round. Its when the human element comes into play that the accidental discharge is a concern. Since there isn’t a way for the gun to be accessed until it’s intentionally drawn the risk of an AD [accidental discharge] is extremely miniscule. Just so I would be able to answer that question in the past, I’ve tried to fire my gun (dry-fire) while it was in the holster and as quickly as possible once it was drawn. To fire it in the holster would have been incredibly intentional. Like to the point of making my finger bleed! The draw part is a bit harder to explain but the elastic of the bra makes it give as you try to draw your weapon. By the time the elastic reaches full extension the gun is pointing down and forward and only at that point does the holster jerk back toward the body and allow access to the gun. The most likely instance of an accidental discharge with the Flashbang Holster is while reholstering. I DO NOT recommend reholstering on-body because of the direction the muzzle points. It’s also a really good way to pinch the girls! Ouch!”

For those that have worn the Flashbang Bra holster, please give us your inputs and insights.
Source courtesy of Looper Law Brand & Girls Guide to Guns

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