UPS Suggestions Shipping Firearms Part 3

In this scenario you mail off your package and when the package arrives at the final destination, your gun is not in the box but something else. In other words the theft had open the box stole your gun and switched it out with another item then sending it to destination.

From the previous article on UPS Suggestion of Theft Proofing Firearms Shipping, we talked about contacting UPS Security Region Manager and tracking every location of transport with GPS coordinates. However, when a package continues on without the precious item. What else can we do? How far would you go to prove a point that a theft has occurred?

How about a far fetch solution of rigging your box with an alarm and sound recorder? Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any cases involving a firearm. But there has been for a laptop. The video below highlights a story of a man that went to this extreme to catch someone in the act. Though there was no positive proof, the situation did led to a negotiation with the UPS store.  Here’s what Richard Lynch rigged in his package:

  • a car alarm
  • sound recorder
  • sensor only activated when the package has been open or when the seal/tape has been breached


Are we suggesting that you do this, no not at all. Let’s just view it as a possiblity, but what else can we have added to this rig to make it more effective? Will this be cost effective? Probably not, but I guess if you’re livid about the situation, its your call. But through protocol obviously let UPS and the authorities handle it.

Almost forgot, here’s what could have been added to the rig to be effective and money wasn’t a problem. Rig it with:

  • Camera
  • Car Alarm
  • GPS – use a package tracker
  • Sensor – activates upon opening

The GPS and camera in itself is worth the time and effort, but you will need to find an app and experiment to fine tune.

Last, why not utilize mobile apps to track your incoming packages, like “Slice” this can be used on your iPhone or Android devices. With a simple touch you can view or be reminded of incoming packages due to arrive.

As always let us know what you think and can add to this advice.

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