FL Man Shot His Junk After Sitting On A Loaded Gun

This was a while back but worth mentioning because its humorous. (Jul 10, 2017)
You read the headline correctly, a man shot his junk, that was not a typo. A 38-year-old Florida man by the name of Cedrick Jelks shot himself in the penis after sitting on his loaded handgun (probably a 1911).

Sadly there isn’t much info out there about the incident other than Jelks’ 25-year old girlfriend Shanekia Roberts reported Jelks sitting in his Nissan Altima by himself and then added a couple extra holes to his penis as well as a bullet wound to the thigh. Roberts said that he jumped out of the car and ran straight to the bathroom to presumably inspect the damage.

She followed him to the bathroom where she noticed that Jelks had shot himself squarely in his genitals. At that point, Roberts said she took him to the hospital where Jelks received surgery.

The worst part of Jelks’ day wasn’t that he sat on a gun and it accidentally went off, but that investigators found he was convicted of cocaine possession in 2004. Being a convicted felon, Jelks is prohibited from owning a firearm and is now facing charges for unlawful possessing a firearm due to his status.

Could sitting on a gun cause it to discharge and shoot your member off? Maybe. The more likely story is that he was playing with the gun in his waistband or trying to “holster” it in his pants when it went off. Are the police going to buy that Jelks accidentally left the gun in his car, sat on it without noticing, and it accidentally shot him? Doubtful.

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