First time Shooting?

[su_heading size=”30″]We normally encourage people to try something new, but..[/su_heading]

Oh no.

You can see it in how he holds the gun even before he brings it up.

In the wobble, and the uncertain look he gives the camera, and the sniggering behind the camera:

This guy shouldn’t hold a gun.

He probably shouldn’t even hold a stapler.

Then he holds it aaalllll the way out, and you realize he’s settling to take the shot that way. The boomstick goes bang, The back end smacks into his cheek/chin, and it’s amazing his ass doesn’t hit grass.

Friends don’t let friends crack their jaws while shooting. Shoot responsibly!
I feel like I need an icepack just watching this. Ouch.

by Sam Morstan

Source: Speisa Facebook

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