Take the “Throat Cut Challenge”

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Come to a Fred Mastro seminar and take the Funker Tactical Challenge: Block a throat cut attempt and your seminar is free! Some folks took them up on that and well…see for yourself! It’s done with a plastic knife, for safety purpose.

Funker Tactical sponsored Fred Mastro seminar by providing this “Throat Cut Challenge”. The result is pretty fun to watch and can only speculate that Funker Tactical and Mastro got the idea for this challenge from the late “Bruce Lee“.

Bruce Lee in his younger days before making it big in Hollywood. Used to attend the big martial arts tournaments and demonstrated his lighting punch. His punch was unstoppable, he would have top black belts try to block his punch, see the clip below.


From a self defense perspective, Fred Mastro demonstration offers insights. The main idea is to raise your awareness and respect that range and how vulnerable you are when a person is going to sucker punch you, with or without a weapon in hand.

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[Fred Mastro] We have a Funker Tactical contest. Will you explain?

[Second person] So, Fred Master, Funker Tactical, right? So there’s a Funker Tactical Challenge: Anyone here who would like to film with Fred to TRY, keyword try, to attempt to block his famous knife cut, the seminar for you is free. IF you can block it.


[Second] But! You have to film it, and we have to make sure that Funker Tactical is a part so we can see it. So, anyone who wants to do that, please let us know.

[Fred] Or, if you don’t want to have your face in Funker Tactical, you can try for fun.

[Second] Or you can try for fun.

[Fred] Just for fun, no problem.

[Second] But if you succeed in blocking it, the seminar’s free.

[Fred] Someone want to try?

[Laughter, crowd noise]

[Second] One person! One person! One brave person, come on!


[Fred] I explain. I struggle with this holding on, it’s plastic. That way, no problem. Ok, you know the angle? We make the right distance, ok? Not here. Right distance. I don’t stop. My angle is this. You know the angle. Ok? When you’re ok, you tell me ‘ok’, then I start to cut here. You can block with this one, with this one, these two hands– like you want.

[Volunteer] Ok.

[Fred] Ok? You tell me ok.

[Volunteer] Ok.

[Audience laughter]
[A few more thumps]

[Volunteer throws his hands up] Ok.


[Fred] Come on, just for fun, just for fun!

[Chanting ‘Christian!’ and applause]

[Fred] Just for fun! Ok. Distance.

[Christian] Like this?


[Paulo] That was good!

[Fred] You’re funny, thank you for this one. Ok, because here, is more easy. Then you can see. Long distance. You tell me ok, and when you tell me ok, I will. Not ok-and cut.


[Fred] After ‘ok’ I wait one second, and then we start.

[Christian] Ok.

[Fred] And I’m here. [Thwip]


[Fred] [after a few more strikes] Another two times.

[Christian] Ok.

[Two more failed blocks]

[laughter and applause]

[Fred] This is for you, Paulo! [laughter] You wanna do one? Just for fun, just for fun!


[Fred] Ok?

[Volunteer 2] Ok.

[Fred speaks, hard to hear]

[Volunteer 2] Ok. ECH! [failed block]

[More failed blocks]

[Fred] Last one.

[Failed block]

[Laughter and applause]

[Fred] Last one? Please. Ya it’s for fun.


[Fred] I explain little after. Ok. This one, because this one, very easy. If you cut me at this distance, I am in trouble too. But is this distance, perhaps it is possible to block. Perhaps. Ok. You tell me ok.

[Volunteer 3] Ok.


[V3] Ok-


[V3] Ok [Flinches, audience laughs]

[Fred] No, you tell me just one time ok. When you are OK.

[V3] Ok.

[Fred] Now? Execution. This, execution. This, execution. You feel?

[V3] Yes.

[Paulo] Whooo.

[Audience applause]

[Fred] For me, I’m sorry, but for me, this is more important. not just to cut to– not just to cut like this. We need power. No power of the cut, Because it’s- I am very quick. But not effective, then go back, gun, boom. And I kill him. I need power. I need the power. Last one, this power. This power. Ok, then you go and- [THUMP]

[V3] I was *not* ready.

[Fred] Thank you.

[Audience applause]

[Fred] Paulo! You spend money, because this seminar’s free. Not you pays, Paulo pays!


[Fred] Thank you.

[Audience applause]

Source: Fred Mastro, Funker Tactical Youtube

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