Don’t Blink, Jerry Miculek Broke another Shooting Record

[su_heading size=”30″]Jerry Miculek set a new world record at SHOT Show 2017[/su_heading]

History was made this week as Jerry Miculek set a new world record at SHOT Show 2017 by shooting the SLT drill in an amazing 1.59 seconds. During the Spread The Love (STL) drill, the shooter has to shoot 10 shots; first four to the chest and two to the head of the center target, followed by two to the chest on the right target and then the left target. Take a look at the record-breaking shoot below.

Miculek was already a world-record holder, but once again proved that he is one of the world’s best shooters. This shooting is absolutely incredible and deserving of the recognition that he has received for this most recent achievement.

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