Defensive Tactics Up Close

Many self defense altercation occurs inside the 21 foot zone. So if you think that carrying a firearm will solve all physical altercation. Think again, you could wind up in prison. Even though a lawful gun owner is not a Law Enforcement Officer, there still is a continuum of force that applies as well. Highlighted in the video by “The Best Defense” is a series of responses to a scenario displaying an individual (theft) leaving a building with an item and being confronted by a worker.

Useful Defensive Technique
The video demonstrates a couple of useful responses utilizing a defensive tactic maneuver (the split X – will be in an upcoming article) that can be apply to the situation whether the defender is armed with a handgun or not and it’s important to train yourself to be “situation aware“. Which means being able to quickly assess the context and relevance of events that are unfolding and responding appropriately.

dt_movesThis video does a great job of providing you with options whether you choose to draw your firearm or not based on your decision and skill level. Please keep in mind there are many forms of defensive tactics maneuvers that you can learn. But learn the techniques that’s natural for you to execute and easy to learn. What’s important to understand is that conditioning your reflexes to respond to an attack without thinking is the goal.

distance_coverGun in Play
With this typical assault starting at close range, using defensive maneuvers to safely break away from the attack to put distance between you and the bad guy so you can draw your firearm is a good tactic. Bear in mind sometimes your environment is not an open area as in this case. So you must quickly assess your surrounding area and respond appropriately.

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