Deer Hunting Rifles under $500

You can Find a Good Deer Hunting Rifle on a Budget

Are you in the market for a budget hunting rifle that performs reliably as any higher end rifle?
When you hear budget rifle and most of the time everyone is thinking junk rifle or broken hand me down. Its a good thing gun manufacturers don’t laugh at this notion but view it as an opportunity to produce reasonably priced hunting rifles in popular hunting calibers.
Yes, its true most lower end hunting rifles are a cut below of the more higher end rifles on the market. The rifles in this list are capable bolt-action hunting rifle in the right hands.
Manufactures have capitalize on the advancements of gun technology that most of these lower end hunting rifles are actually more accurate than the top-of-the-line models of the past.
Regardless of whether you’re hunting deer, hogs, elk or any other big-game species in the U.S., these hunting rifles below deliver great performance at a reasonable price point.

  • Savage Stevens Model 200 30-06 CAL

    This rifle isn’t just a cheap gun, has advanced features, such as dual pillar bedding, long- and short-action lengths, and even magnum chamberings. MSRP$316
  • Mossberg 100 ATR

    A Glock-like minimalist appeal—if you can call a bolt that looks like it came off a Medieval manor door “minimalist.” This rifle action feels as smooth and crisp as a Dove bar straight out of the box. MSRP$280
  • Marlin’s XL7 30-06

    A bargain beauty – The barrel has a deep target crown that protects the lands and grooves from dirty pickup truck floorboards. This bargain-priced gun offers riflemen a lot for their money and simply feels like a more expensive rifle in the hands. MSRP$350
  • Remington Model 783

    The 783 features quality floating bolt head and adjustable barrel nut. The 783 has a great trigger and is quite accurate. The synthetic stock comes fitted with a soft rubber recoil pad. MSRP$370
  • Savage Axis

    You might be able to find this rifle for sale complete with a mounted Bushnell scope for as little as $299. The Axis is also available in a left-handed configuration.
  • Ruger American Rifle

    This bolt action rifle is lightweight and a reliable deer hunting rifles. Ruger American Compact bolt action rifles are available in .243, .270, 7mm-08, .223, .30-06, .308, .22-250 MSRP$419
  • Thompson Center Compass

    Available in 6.5 Creedmoor and 10 other chamberings, with either 22- or 24-inch barrels that are ideally suited for everything from prairie dogs to moose. MSRP$350
  • Mossberg Patriot Kryptek Highlander

    This Kryptek camo design 7-pound rifle also shoots thanks to a 22-inch button-rifled barrel and adjustable trigger that goes all the way down to 2 pounds. This is the rifle to have and talk about at the campfire or just beat around in your truck. MSRP$325
Last Shot
No hunter wants to take a subpar weapon into the field, but at the same time, not everyone can afford a $2,000 Weatherby. There are some challenges to trying to pick a good rifle for your personal hunting needs. With some research and understanding of performance needs, finding a good hunting rifle on a budget and keeping it under $500 is really do-able. Hopefully, this list will get you started.