Hog Hunting in Texas with 40mm Cannon

Taking this to another Level with a 40mm cannon with Grape Shot

Feral hogs poses a threat to the ecosystems in the southern parts of the U.S. Especially in Texas, which wildlife agencies wants hunters to shoot as many as they can.
Texas hog hunting regulations are minimal on shooting hours and shooting methods. So basically, you can get your hogs any creative way that you can. For many in Texas its open season with almost no limits of fun.
Texans also are known to have the “go big or go home” mentality. Which this guy seriously does with his 40mm cannon. You can go to 13:07 for the actual shoot in the video.

In Texas people have already hunted hogs at night with thermal imaging optics. They have shot hogs from helicopters, air boats and pickup trucks.
Looks like I-outdoors Youtuber came up with this great idea after much thought and trials. He decides to use grape shots, which is more or less a super sized version of buckshot.
Much labor went into the setup of the trap, blinds and moving the cannon to this brush area. He definitely got the cannon dialed in at 25 yards.