Boxer vs Wrestler

Taking a break from gun stuff, lets talk about pugilist sports.
Before UFC and MMA was conceived the debate of a boxer vs a wrestler have been talked about for a long time.
Fight fans from boxing and wrestling have always talked about pitting their favorite athletes against the other.
Even thugs out on the streets corner would talk about how a good old right cross would take out any wrestler. On the other side a powerful suplex would rock the boxers world.
In the past there were promotions at the sports professional level to settle this debate, however, most turned out to be just a PR stunt to make money. For instances Muhammad Ali once fought Antonio Inoki off the record in 1976. The result was a draw with special rules in place.

Well, out in the wild west internet we came across this video of a fight between Pio Pico (boxer) and Nick Lutze (wrestler) that took place in Los Angeles 1937. This may well be the first MMA match caught on film. Not gonna tell you who won, you’ll have to watch this classic match, enjoy!
If you come across footage of something like this, why not share it with us below.



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