458 Socom vs Body Armor

[su_heading size=”30″]How Many rounds can the 3+ Armor take?[/su_heading]

Quality body armor that are rated at 3+ is supposed to protect you against almost anything, but have you ever wondered if it can stand up to a 458 Socom round at 300 grams?

Body armor is an amazing thing, seeing how it deflects the rounds heading towards a target is simply astonishing. Of course for every grade of body armor there is going to be a round that’s just a little too big or powerful for it and will bust right through. Today we get to find out just how quickly a 458 Socom round will render a plate of 3+ body armor useless on the body of it’s wearer thanks to Matt from Demolition Ranch.

Always wanted to know how many hits steel can take from this BRUTAL bullet. Well it took over 50 rounds for it to bend the plate and eventually shattering the lower half of it. As powerful a round as the 458 Socom is, we certainly didn’t expect it to last quite that long.

Obviously, its highly unlikely that you’re going to take that many rounds directly. But it’s good to know that if that’s what it came down to giving you a decent amount of time before it finally gives way.

Source: Demolition Ranch Youtube, Chris Buckner

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