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Political correctness is certainly not the name of the game in these classic pieces of gun marketing. It was just plain old fashion advertising.

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Many mouse guns or “get off me” guns are available in the market, and its perfect for concealment. With the

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One of the big problems most hunters have with long range hunting is the ability to take down your game with a single well placed shot.

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Despite its reputation as the old man in town, the .308 is the best all-purpose round available and can be found just about everywhere.

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Badass Improvised Weapons in War is Horrific – there were much Trial & Error but the ones that were successful were Unique, Innovative and Low Tech.

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Small game hunting is not just for shotguns, here are some alternative rifles and pistols to use even the .45 ACP M1911A1.

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Its not about the Rifle Brand itself, but it does have to do with quality of any gun, specifically, it’s about the Round or Caliber you choose to Hunt with.

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