2013 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is coming soon (June 16) and always difficult to come up with a present that fits your Dad. Telltale signs was when he thought of naming you Wesson or Remington, so obviously he’s a gun fanatic like most of us! wsjConsider getting the following items below and get your father a year subscription of Western Shooting Journal magazine for only $19.95. Simply click here to get to our subscription page and use this promo code “DAD” to get the discount.

Needle nose Pliers let you get at bolts in the smallest spaces. A 1/8”, 5/15”, 7/32” or Philips head screwdriver can tighten anything that’s loose. The saw or knife can cut anything that gets in your way. And a stripper and crimper can help you show a wire who’s boss. Then at the end of it all, a bottle opener can remove the top from a well-earned beer. This pocket-sized toolbox is ready to get things done.


Gear Bag
Maxpedition-Jumbo-KISS-Shoulder-Bag-4Need a tough bag that secures well but is smaller than a backpack. The Jumbo Maxpedition is a feature-rich shoulder pack that no one will confuse with a purse. This is a special edition of the company’s Jumbo Versipack cut down to the most essential features. It has a large main compartment that closes with a quick-release flap and three smaller zippered pouches in addition to a cinch pouch on the side sized for a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle, but serves equally well as an all-purpose dump pouch that flattens to nothing when not in use.

slipzillaSOG SlipZilla Tactical Knife
This SOG has a G10 handle and slip joint construction. The SlipZilla is fast, so your dad can show off his tactical knife skills. The grip is a machined out of G10 with stainless steel liners. In hand, the knife points instinctively and feels familiar.

The system comes in a convenient storage pouch that fits easily in any range bag, and includes specialized brushes, non-toxic solvent, and all the tools needed to clean up your dad’s rifle after a fun day at the range perfect for the Tactical Dad.

ep7-blkSureFire EP7 Sonic Defender
This filter foam tipped earplugs is a high tech top of the line hearing protection design for the Tactical Dad and security professionals. Features soft memory foam comply Canal Tips, provides Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 28db. Normal sounds pass through into the ear canal. EP7 has special filter caps that can help reduce further noise.

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