Crazy Gun Racks

While some of these gun racks look to be on the dangerous side of legal, others are wrong for entirely other reasons.
View these 15 crazy gun racks below to see some gun storage solutions that will make you shake your head.

  • Bike Rack

    Giving new meaning to the term, “bike rack,” this is a great solution for open carry on two wheels.
  • Special Delivery

    This, however, might be taking it to extremes.
  • Multi-Purpose Rack

    While entirely legal, this one may be just a bit too weird.
  • Old Rusty

    Who cares if your front end is gone? It’s what’s strapped to the back that’s important.
  • What’s your Point?

    Didn’t your parents teach you not to point your gun out the window? Hope this driver doesn’t get pulled over.
  • Wrong

    Think she misunderstood when he asked her for a gun rack.
  • Syrian Rack

    This gun rack is perfectly legal, but I bet those guns aren’t…
  • Greene Rack

    For the last time, I told you to get off my lawn!
  • Cool Rack

    We’re actually just jealous of this one.
  • Oh, No You Didn’t

    This is just wrong on so many levels. Starting them young, are we? Subliminal training…
  • Trophy Rack

    Antler racks are very cool, but isn’t there something a little off about the remains of an animal honoring the weapon that killed it?
  • OK..

    Feet don’t fail me now.. Deer feet holding the gun that likely shot and killed it? Why don’t we just feed cows beef jerky while we’re at it?
  • Coffee Table

    This is the sort of table that would be in Tony Montana’s house. Say hello to my little friend!
  • Quick Draw

    Perfect for those moments you need quick access while you’re driving down the road.
  • Tower Rack

    There’s absolutely nothing at all wrong with this weapons display in the Tower of London. It’s just really cool.
  • Machine Gun Jubblies

    Austin Power thing.

Sources: Samantha Lile