Wisconsin Trigger – Perfect for the Tactical Shooter

The Wisconsin Trigger Company is committed to modernizing the design while retaining the same fundamental mechanics that inspired the aftermarket AR-15 2 stage trigger system industry back in the 90’s.

My perspective is from a tactical shooter perspective. I’ll be first to tell you I’m not a traditional match shooter. I have more experiences with tactical training and tactical matches, more 3 gun than national match competition. The two disciplines share many similarities. Among them grip, posture and trigger control.

If you have experience shooting an M-16 or AR-15 / AR-10 with a GI style single stage trigger you will have noticed that the pull is very heavy and a bit scratchy. Add in the totally unknown point of hammer release and you have the recipe for poorly placed shots.

With any of the Wisconsin Trigger Company M-K II trigger systems you will have none of these problems. All of M-K II model triggers are 2 stage triggers. A 2 stage trigger has just what the name implies, it has two stages. Stage one is a light smooth pull to the point the hammer comes against the disconnecter. This is known as the wall.
At this point the hammer is held back by the pressure of the disconnecter spring, with the hammer and trigger hook overlapping by just a few thousandths of an inch and requiring just the slightest rearward movement to release the hammer. The M-K II systems will do this at the exact same point every time you pull the trigger, removing any question as to when your rifle will fire unlike other triggers.

Add in hand polishing, hand honing of all the critical areas, adjustable disconnecter, multiple 2nd stage and trigger springs and you have unparalleled smoothness and control.

Here’s an image of a single stage GI style trigger . What you see is the distance the trigger travels when releasing the hammer. With this style trigger you have no indication the rifle is about to fire until it does.

With the M-K II 2 stage trigger you will notice the difference. The trigger is pulled to the “wall”. Beyond this point the gun will fire each and every time predictably.

The completed position of Stage II.

All of the Wisconsin Trigger Company M-K II triggers can be adjusted to be a super light trigger. But you don’t need to do this. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality allows you to run a heaver trigger spring and have the feel of a super light trigger without the safety problems of an over light trigger. The result is patrol rifle safety with national match feel.

For more information on WTC trigger and if you’re looking for a sponsor for your youth shooting team, please

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Sources: Ron Albaneese, Wisconsin Trigger Company

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