Black Powder

You can find everything on Black Powder from what it is to buying your own Black Powder Rifles here. This page is the archive everything on Black Powder and Kit related. American Shooting Journal gives you a 3rd opinion.


Pedersoli’s new side-by-side “Bohemian” Scattergun is a modern shotgun with a classical twist, and it will be right at home for you at the range or afield.

Goin’ Slow

[su_heading size=”30″]If you are starting out with black powder cartridge shooting, the .45-70 is a great place to begin.[/su_heading] STORY […]

Crackerjack Barrels

[su_heading size=”30″]Flintlock Construction Inc. offers quality muzzleloading barrels in a variety of calibers, lengths, twists and tapers.[/su_heading] STORY AND PHOTOS […]