Zombie Outbreak Simulator iPhone App


Zombie Outbreak Simulator is a sandbox app where you can customize your own zombie outbreak!

Watch a zombie outbreak unfold in 20 different real world environments (paid version) and then bomb them into the ground with Mk81 and Mk82 bombs, delivered by A-10 Tank Killers! Keep track of “Zombies Killed” and unfortunate (?) “Collateral Damage” statistics.

Alter the outbreak parameters to your liking. Do you prefer old-school slow movers, or the new fast movers? Is the population armed? How well can they shoot? Customize your own outbreak then watch the chaos unfold.

Zoom in and out on the action to keep track of the infection as it spreads across the map! Watch from a high satellite view to get an overview of the infection, represented by green dots for civilians, red for zombies and blue for police. Or zoom right in and watch as civilians run for their lives, shoot at zombies and inevitably become infected. Keep track of the people’s only hope – local law enforcement, as they fight back against overwhelming odds.

From the Outbreak Settings screen, you can change any of the following parameters:

– Map location (choose from 20 maps across the world)
– Initial zombie numbers
– Zombie outbreak direction (N, E, S, W, Map Wide)
– Infection rate (time taken for infected civs to turn into zombies)
– Zombie speed
– Number of police
– Police accuracy
– Civilian numbers
– Civilian armed %
– Civilian accuracy

Once you have selected your new outbreak settings, simply restart and watch the infection spread once again!

Zombie Outbreak Simulator includes 15 online maps which use Google Maps (R) and so require an active Internet connection to download map images from Google. Also included are 5 offline maps which can be played anywhere!

Sourc:Binary Space, iTunes Review

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