Winchester AA® TRAACKER™

Winchester unveills the AA® TRAACKER™
Have you shot clays and wondered if you were shooting too low or high when you missed the shot? With the Winchester AA Traacker its a weighted wad that tracks the shot string. The purpose is to train shotgun shooters, in the past it was hard to tell where the buckshots were going when missed.

With the AA® TRAACKER™ you partner can tell you where the shots are going when missed. This feedback is an invaluable source to guide you to your shot.

Excerpt from Winchester:
Loaded with 1 1/8 oz. of shot like a standard AA shotshell, the innovative wad design includes longer, notched petals and captures 1/8-ounce of shot, which stabilizes wad spin and ensures that the wad remains in the center of the shot pattern for optimum tracking. The wad tracks a full, one ounce of shot down range for highly effective performance on clay targets and fast flying game. The AA TrAAcker load is available in two highly visible colors: orange, for overcast conditions or dark backdrops, and black for clear skies or light backdrops.


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