Winchester 94/22 – Classic


The World’s Greatest Guns Remembered – The Winchester 94/22

Classic guns are passionately researched and documented by enthusiasts across the United Kingdom, from a number of backgrounds. Individuals who like clay shooting, game shooting or even hunting will be very well read when it comes to their weapon of chance as such, it is always nice to remember some of the classic guns that delighted fans over the years.

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Winchester 94/22

The Winchester 94/22 has always been very popular with people in and around the shooting community due to its simple design and reliable performance. A mainstay among those looking to rid themselves of vermin, this piece has been in production under many different guises for over 100 years. Despite its many different images, one thing that has remained constant is its distinctive underlever action to cock, load and then shoot. They have come with various shooting accessories over the years as well but at 37 inches it has always been a favourite due to its manoeuvrability.


Back on 1972, Winchester added a .22 rimfire version to its already comprehensive range. Since then the popularity of this iconic gun has soared both in the United Kingdom and the USA. A reputation for excellent reliability and quality has been complemented wonderfully by the Winchester’s accuracy despite the nature of its lever action.

Underlever Format

Like many underlever guns, the Winchester follows the typical format of having the magazine positioned along the underside of the barrel. This is then fed by the rotating of the tension follower and pulling it out towards the barrel. Bullets can be fed by hand into the gun’s magazine tube.


This gun has made such a name for reliability due to the fact that the action is made from forged steel making it highly durable. The aesthetically pleasing exterior finish is polished and very well blued finishing off what is a great all round look for the Winchester and makes it beautiful piece of shooting equipment.


Finally, and perhaps one of the most endearing features of the Winchester 94/22 is its stock. The legacy model in particular has a pistol grip, which has always been made out of superior grade walnut. The cut chequering also adds an extra dimension of quality to this gun and transfers to its handling which has always been steady and fast.

All of these features have meant that the Winchester 94/22 has stood the test of time and will be seen on shoots around the United Kingdom for generations to come.

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