Defensive Shooting Skills Development – NRA 2013

This year at the NRA Convention there were many shows to watch. A big one was on defensive shooting seminar taught by Rob Pincus, owner of Ice Training Company. He was making his case for the “warrior case theory”, which is real world scenario that students can learn to recognize and respond appropriately in the most efficient way. What it means is that the more you train your gross and fine motor skills, the chances are that you’ll be able to execute those skills when in time of crisis.

Concepts and Principles of ICE

At the foundation of ICE (integrity, consistency, efficiency) is all about intuitive defensive shooting. This framework of reality based training supplemented with repetitions of economy of motion of how body naturally functions which enhances muscle memory.

ICE stresses the importance of understanding the situation while engaged in a life threatening melee and defensive shooting skills is applied. Here are some principles to adhere by:

  1. Understand most defensive pistol stops are psychological – ie hitting your target is ideal, but if the intruder flees after several errant shots – this is a a successful Stop.
  2. Pincus trains his students to engage their target at 9 to 15 feet at high center mass (chest) – training scenarios empasize at this range to hit the target and not about tight groupings in your shot patterns – real life is about stopping the threat with “Defensive Accuracy“.
  3. Develop Consistency – train to engage targets at 9 feet to 20 feet intuitively
  4. Speed and Precision – progressing through the training your speed and precision will be better at handling the stress.

This video is an excerpt of Rob teaching “sight alignment & sight picture” gives you an insight into ICE method of defensive shooting.


With events of gun control and talks of restrictions, this type of training provided by ICE is necessary for the private citizen who’s fighting for their rights to defend needs to have specialize defensive shooting in place.

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