VEPR AK47 – a Beast

Even after 5000 thousands round, it still Runs
For anyone into the AK, then you’ve heard of the Vepr AK47, if not read on. .

  • The VEPR AK47 platform, is an AKM called the FM-AK47.
  • Like other AKMs, it’s chambered in 7.62×39.
  • This is built with RPK machine gun-inspired components and styling. With the 1.5mm thick stamped receiver and FIME Group’s chrome-lined RPK-style barrel, was design to take the heat.
  • The black, industrial-looking polymer handguards are stainless-steel lined to keep things cool during long term firing.
  • The polymer stock, saves weight on what might otherwise be a heavy gun. It weighs in at 7.8 pounds with magazine.
    The front sight post, safety, charging handle, and overall operation all resembling the old AK styling.
  • The trigger is a double-stage trigger, with an approximate five-pound pull. The initial take-up is about a quarter-inch. Reset is clear after a short half- inch journey, but not crisp.

One thing about AK Operator Union Youtuber,
These AK enthusiasts went on to run 5000 rounds on the Vepr AK. They also, go the extra mile to dispelled AK47 accuracy myth. For example from the 500 yards at one and a half inch MOA.
Other stress test was applied such as mud, sand and water. This AK lives up to its reputation as being durable.
Do you own a VEPR AK47?, let us know below.