Shoot don’t Shoot Simulators

There have been many controversial incidents that have involve police officers using firearms to neutralize deadly situations. Most of the after math are not desirable as a whole for the community. We take a look at how hard it is in this day and age when it comes to neutralizing a life threatenging situation that law enforcement must face on a daily basis.

There is more to it than shooting a gun, there is a time and place for it. But the biggest challenge is when to meet that same degree of force when confronted with that death threatening situation. Enter the “shoot don’t shoot” simulators, in the past it was known as the FATS system. Firearms Training Simulator System was design for law enforcement and military to boost their firearms competency and critical decision making.

Shoot don’t shoot scenario simulators are now available in most gun ranges that are contracted with the local police departments. Demolition Ranch Matt and company had a chance to put their critical decision skill to the test.

There are some anti-police activist that have tried these shoot don’t shoot simulators and left with a different view of what law enforcement has to face.

Anyways, back to Demo Ranch Matt, watch and see how intense it can get when you’re face with such stressful situation. Its not all serious, there are some very funny moments. You can skip to the shoot don’t shoot part at 6:36 time on the video to watch the fun.

Well what do you think? Shoot or don’t Shoot?
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Video Transcription

Welcome to DemolitionRanch. This was supposed to be an off-the-ranch vlog, but- [GPS interrupts] Ok I’m turning right. It’s going to be a bunch of gun stuff pretty much all day, so I decided we might as well put this on Demolition Ranch. Here- [GPS interrupts] Hold on. [GPS carries on] Got it. I’m here with Mere, who has a new instagram account by the way. Plug it!

Mere: Mere_carriker

Yeah, hit that up. Don’t slide into her DMs though, I’m serious. And my sister is back here as well! Alex and Andrea are meeting us, and I’ve never been to this gun range before, it’s an indoor range, I met the owner at ShotShow last year, and he invited us out to go try it out.

We are pulling up, and I’m excited, one of my friends has been here before, and they told me that they play DemolitionRanch on their TV in the main room, so if there’s not DemolitionRanch playing I’m going to be very disappointed.

Just got in the store and met a fan, this is Dane, he just wanted to say hey. Say hey.

“Hey guys!”


[Musical montage]

They just set us up in the private bay of the shooting range- indoor range, so we have all three of these lanes to ourself, and we get to do whatever we want. He said you can shoot as fast as you want in here! So Andrea is just going to bump-fire away. Right.

[More music]

Why is everyone looking at me?

Andrea! Tell ’em to keep it down over there!

This is a new AK47, it’s from Century Firearms, it is a C39B2, I’m excited about it, wood stock. It has their little mount here, and they actually sent me the thing to put an optic on it, I just haven’t put it on yet, but I’m gonna shoot it today for the first time ever.

We’re at about 15 Yards, 9mm. [Shot] Wow that’s loud. [More shooting]
The echo is crazy!
“So bad.”
After I shoot it sounds like I’m shooting two because it goes down and it comes back. I’m not used to shooting inside, this is weird. I’m gonna get some body shots. [More shots] That AK is gonna be SO loud.

I have not shot at an indoor range in so long, so this is really weird for me to hear that loud boom.
So much louder, it feels like I’m shooting a 500 magnum, when it’s really just a 9mm. [shot] SO LOUD.

Now I’m gonna shoot a 45 longcolt out of this short little Taurus. This should be very, very loud. [SHOT] [laughter] [more shots]
That is so loud! You need to shoot that.

Squeeze it slow. [BANG]
“NO. Not shooting again.”
Alex’s arm still hurts.

[Musical interlude]

The owner of this place, Paul, just brought us out his personal gun, really nice little AR-15.

[musical interlude]

I was gonna shoot five rounds out of this SBR, short-barreled rifle, and he was like ‘you wanna just put in a whole magazine and dump it?’ and I was like ‘YEAH.’

[Musical interlude]

We have ten rounds, a 308. Alright.

Wish you could see the lights up here, that light went out in the middle. It flickered and died. [Group laughing] Legitimately, the little baffles are just-

[Musical interlude]

“Let’s zero it up, so go ahead and fire a three-shot group.
[virtual shots]
Pretty solid.”

Ok, that was cool.

“And you can step up to the line.”


“Alright, so, standard thing, you’re just gonna run at the buzzer, ok, so targets are gonna come up, wait for the beep, and then run.”


“Alright, left to right.”
“You went before the buzzer!”

OH the buzzer.

“Alright, you ready?”

I’m not ready but yeah let’s do it!

“This one’s for the bones.”



AW SH**. I’m too excited!

“under pressure he folds!”

“Oh good recovery, it’s 2.7.”


“–They’re arguing all the time, your goal is to go in there and see what the hell’s going on.”



Yeah so I might have to shoot somebody?

“So, basically, I can control everything behind you, so depending on how you react, I get to change it.”

REALLY? So this is crazy!


Yeah I guess so. I don’t wanna have my gun drawn when I walk in there and scare anybody, so–

[Video playing]

This is super cool.

Whoever made this is devious.

“I’m a little scared!”
“I’m scared too!”

Don’t worry, I got y’all!


“I’m gonna, like, not be able to sleep at night.”
“Mere I don’t think you should watch.”

“You know that’s a first, right? I have had like sixty-five people run this scenario, nobody has ever saved her. Ever.”

Thank you.
Wait he was gonna shoot HER?
I thought he was gonna shoot me! I would’ve let him shoot her.

“Nobody has ever s- so good, so now we’re gonna debrief. Legitimately– you do it two or three times, you get the hang of it.”

My heart’s kinda pumpin’.


“He just walked out and was gonna pop her? Like–”

“So good on calling the gun, right? A lot of people don’t see it, they’re like ‘Oh what’s going on, my god’.”

They were looking at that girl jiggling her boobs the whole time.


“So he comes around this corner-”


“You shot him right as he came around, right? I’m gonna replay it, I want you just to see what happens when you don’t shoot him.”

Ok [nervous laughter]

“That- I’m serious, first person ever.”

“So were you just like, waiting for him to come back in that door?”

YEAH, I saw a man with a gun, I was pointing over there the whole time. I knew he was comin’!

“Cracks me up, man, that’s great. Ok, so we’re gonna do it one more time.”

“I can’t- WOAH.”
[Crew laughs]

“No- you see how fast it happened? NOBODY ever saves her on the first shot, ever.”

“Oh my gosh.”

“That was impressive. It was impressive.”

Some people just have skills.

Mere’s turn! And we’re hoping she doesn’t get shot.


“I’m totally gonna get shot!”

“So the scenario will be, you own this huge office building, you’re the manager, you are allowed to carry a gun in your own workplace, right? So you carry a concealed gun in the building. You hear a commotion, you’re walking to check out what’s going on. Ready?”

Be smart, Mere.

“Obviously you won’t have a gun out, so keep it next to your side or something. It’s just a laser pistol.”

[Video plays]

“I don’t trust her.”

[laughs]’I don’t trust her’! SHOOT HER, SHOOT HER! Shoot everyone!!

[Virtual shots]

[Team celebrates]
You killed a man!
Get ready! Get ready! It might not be over!
[virtual shots]
OH SHE KILLED YOU! She killed you! [Team laughter]

“I wasn’t gonna shoot her, she wasn’t gonna–!”
“I tried!!”

“Great job.”

Mere’s gone, so, I’m on the market again, ladies!

“I don’t like this game!”

“It was great, you did a good job.”

“–Apocalypse thing, you gotta shoot ‘im, at least two or three times, sometimes one headshot does the trick.”

“It’s done, yeah, zombies don’t go down with one hit, everyone knows that.”

Everyone knows that.
They just take longer to go down.

“Ready? You’re in a workplace, same thing, you walk into lunch, you’re just doing your thing, you happen to concealed-carry.”



[Video plays]

“I tried shooting the leg!”


“That’s why!”

She hit the leg.

“That would take her out, right? She’d be like ‘aah!'”

You hit her butt! [laughter]
and the leg!

“You’re a great shot!”

It was aiming at her legs and her butt?

“Yes! I don’t want to take her out! It’s just- she just- it was just a knife!”

Well she just took out that guy, he’s dead now!

“Pretend you’re an officer responding.”

“Yes I am.”

Nooo! [laughter]

“He got back up!”

“Let me show you your hits, you ready?”


Aww, that was close.


Yep, high. Dangit! So close!

“High, high, and some where in there-”

Sargent hit him, maybe?

“Yeah, he got wounded by your sargent, that’s why he fell.”


“And then the rest, all- man, I mean you-”


“You gave him a haircut.”


“That’s like, maaaybe. So the hit zones are getting outlined, so you may have missed juuust a little.”


“You gotta get more than a nick.”


“You’re so close to those headshots, though.”

“One more, let’s run one more.”

You need to calm this situation down Alex.

“Sir put the knife down!” “Sir, put it down!” “Put it down! She’s coming back with something.”

I agree.

[virtual Shot]

You warped him back!

“You hit him so hard he time-traveled.”


[Musical interlude]

We’re wrapping it up here at Apache RifleWorks, very cool, definitely exceeded all my expectations, we’re gonna go grab a bite to eat, and then we might take the ladies to go shoot my 50BMG, because they have not done it yet.

“We’re gonna try.”

You’re gonna do it.

There is no try.

[Movie clip]

We are now out at DemolitionRanch, because the ladies, Mere and my sister Alley, as well as Andrea, want to shoot the big boy, 50BMG. So that’s what we’re gonna do.

Mere’s the toughest here, so she decided she wanted to go first. [laughter]

[musical interlude]
[Shots during music]

What did you think?

“It was awesome!”

It was easy, right? What did you think?

“It was super awesome.”

Aaand I know it wasn’t your first time, but-


Yeah, yeah. Thanks for watching, this is not a normal DemolitionRanch video, like I said this was supposed to be a vlog day, but all we did was guns all day. We have a little bit left planned, we’re gonna go home and just relax, go swimming a little bit, that’ll all be on Mr. Alex Mandel’s vlog. You can check it out there. Thanks for watching DemolitionRanch, and I will see you next time!

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