How to Disarm a Pistol to your Face

Disarming a pistol pointing at your face, demonstrated by Shawn Daveport of Funker Tactical. The idea is to get off line of the muzzle, control the pistol and execute the disarm.

Disclosure the video is for Information and Entertainment. Please do not try anything you see in these videos without the supervision of a qualified instructor.

6 Life Saving Rules to Survive a Fight

Doug Marcaida is a military contractor in edge impact weapons systems and weapons of opportunity. In this video he shares a few tips on how to survive a life and death fight. Please note that while Doug trains civilians through international seminars and the military curriculum is vastly different and may not be broadcast on YouTube. This video is just the tip of the iceberg on street survival.

The video below highlights awareness as the theme to all altercation. Maybe Miyagi quote is always best, “Best Defense don’t Be There”.

For more information on Doug Marcaida

The Perfect Self Defense System

This is for all the Martial Artists, LEO’s, Military, Private Contractors and us normal private citizens that enjoys a good laugh.

Disclosure: This is for Entertainment Purpose Only

Johnny Badass is excited to announce that he has created the ultimate self defense system and it’s finally ready to be seen by the entire world and of course by YOU! For years he has been studying the laws of defending yourself, both in movies and on the streets… And, now he is releasing what you have all been waiting for… the world’s first and only PERFECT Self Defense System. If you follow his techniques, you will be able to defend yourself against any attack, 100% of the time, guaranteed.

Here are the ingredients: Martial Arts skills + Acting = Awesome Combo Power

Watch this new promo to see what it is all about, and then share it with your friends so that we all may protect ourselves against the A-holes who attack us everyday.


How to Get Free from Duct Tape While Bound from the Front

Let’s hope that you’re never going to be in this situation but here’s some useful information from Dateline NBC.

One Man’s “Outing”

guns and curvesBy Jennifer Jacques, Guns and Curves

A Minnesota mother has taken it upon herself to “out” a fellow parent at her children’s Rochester elementary school… and for once, we’re not talking about sexual preference or gender affiliation. (insert purple penguin joke here)

Concealed carry permit holder Matthew Hallek is a father of two daughters in Harriet Bishop Elementary School. He (legally) carries his gun with him when he walks them to school each morning. After discovering this, fellow parent Kimberly Edson took it upon herself to post signs in her yard, which happens to be across from the school, bearing a picture of Matthew with a caption that reads “THIS MAN CARRIES A LOADED GUN AROUND YOUR CHILDREN EVERY DAY”.

Wow, think she’s trying to incite a little fear with that statement? Nevermind the fact that Mr. Hallek has gone through the appropriate legal channels to be approved of a concealed carry permit and is following the letter of the law by not stepping onto school property while carrying, but that he also happens to be a past president of the school’s PTSA and former candidate for the Rochester, MN school board!

This type of intolerance for our second amendment rights and our compliance to the law really riles me up!! Here’s a man who is actively choosing to carry, not for violence, but to defend himself and his children in the event that violence erupts and we have a gun grabbing shill of a woman trying to paint him as some monster.

People like Ms. Edson need to realize that those of us who choose to legally obtain a concealed carry permit are not only trained in avoidance and de-escalation, but that we use force ONLY in the most extreme situations that call for it when our (and other) lives are in danger.

Of course that isn’t enough for intolerant biddies like Kimberly Edson, who is claiming it’s her duty to bring attention to Mr. Hallek’s law abiding behavior; “I have a responsibility to help create the kind of community I want to see, and I don’t want to see a community where there are guns around schools.” she says.

Well what about the kind of community WE want to see, Ms. Edson? A community where children are protected by a trained, caring citizen who is not only within his legal rights to carry, but would undoubtedly go above and beyond his civic duties to protect his and other children with his own life. What about the common sense knowledge that signs declaring “No Guns Allowed” does not deter, but rather INVITES gun violence by announcing to criminals that they are free to use their illegal firearms (or other weapons) without the fear of being stopped?

Edson’s calls into the local police only confirmed that Hallek is not in violation of any law and he is free to carry as a citizen. “Since we don’t have a way to stop him, we felt it was important to notify the neighborhood and the parents that there is an armed man in their presence.” she said. 

This is just another example of the intolerance and ignorance of those who refuse to play by the rules. When gun grabbers don’t get their way (see Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action) they scream and moan and make their signs with little to no regard for facts or consequences.Like petulant little children, screaming for attention.

What about the children walking past Edson’s yard on their way to school? How do they know Matthew Halleck is a “good guy” with a gun? All they see is his face on a post calling attention to the fact that he’s armed with a loaded gun, not that he’s also a parent, a former school official, and a law-abiding citizen with a legal permit to carry. Edson is inciting fear and confusion in other children with her little stunt to try to publicly shame Hallek and THAT is truly irresponsible.

While neither citizen is doing anything illegal; Edson being protected by the First Amendment, Hallek by the Second, I would encourage Matthew Hallek to go ahead with the civil suit he is considering against Ms. Edson. Her little stunt is nothing short of an attempt at public humiliation and character assassination of an upstanding citizen.

Shannon Watts would be proud, Ms. Edson, but as responsible adult and fellow parent, I am not amused.

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Watch how a bodyguard fended off Solange's attack on Jay Z

Western Shooting Journal is going to be running a three part series on private security, beginning in our August issue, where we begin with focusing on bodyguards and what it takes to be one. Watch the bodyguard in this video put Beyonce’s sister Solange in a bear hug to keep her away from Beyonce’s husband Jay Z. That way he doesn’t have to get violent. What we can’t figure out is, why did the elevator ride take a full three minutes with no one else in it but the four? You’re sitting watching the video, wanting it to end, because almost every time the bodyguard lets go of Solange, she lunges back at Jay Z. (As for WHY Solange attacked Jay Z, we found this article).

Multi Holsters kydex that is American Proud !!!

Multi Holsters kydex that is American Proud !!!

All Things Tactical had the great pleasure of visiting the manufacturing facilities of Multi Holsters ( located in Plymouth, Michigan. This makes them a hometown holster maker to those of us in lower MI. Tony the owner of Multi Holsters and I were introduced via a mutual friend Shaun of Sentry Gunleather, and within a few short Facebook messages we hammered out a time for me to visit. I want to take this opportunity to say that I was blown away by the generosity and professionalism of everybody on staff at Multi Holsters, each and everyone of them made it feel like we were visiting with old friends.

Tony and I had a chance to sit down and talk for a bit about most things kydex. Multi Holsters not only produces some of the finest kydex gear, but they are a provider of many interesting items aimed at making the production of quality holsters and gear more efficient and cost effective for the kydex producing industry. I have video of the short interview with Tony where we discuss some of these items. That video will post in the next few days, so be sure to stay tuned for it. Multi Holsters are by far considered the light and laser holster go to company. The sheer number of lights and lasers that they can accommodate is huge. Viridian Laser ( works extremely close with them, in fact Multi Holster can produce you a custom kydex holster that will have the same technology to turn on and  turn off your Viridian Laser/Light unit just like the the factory OEM holsters.

While I was at the shop Tony allowed me to document the constructing some holsters for my S&W Shield. In fact he let me choose the models and material for each. Since my Shield will be my warm weather gun I decided on a Hybrid style IWB holster ( ) and one of his very popular Multi holsters ( which by the way can also be converted to IWB by just chafing the hardware.

Hybrid Holster:

Since this holster won’t get seen by many I choose to use the standard .080 black kydex. I also opted to use the standard style leather backer with more of a square shape as opposed to the new moon style cut. This was just a personal preference thing, I guess I am just an old school type of guy. Even though this holster won’t be seen by many, the attention to detail is very evident in it’s construction. The molding process used was a vacuum style. This allows the kydex to be formed in greatly reduced time frame while still retaining superb mold definition. On a side note it also is much easier on the equipment being molded. A lot of makers starting out use the actual firearm to do the molding this will subject the weapon and any gear attached to it to great amounts of heat and pressure sometimes multi tons of pressure and the foam used acts as an insulator for the hot kydex. Vacuum molding takes the high pressure exposure out of the equation. Vacuum also allows the kydex to set and cool a little faster easing the heat exposure to the item. I will include pics of the Hybrid holster down at the bottom of this post.

The Multi Holster:

While the Multi holster ( has some of the same features found on most standard OWB holsters, it can also be converted allowing it to the user to wear it in an IWB fashion just with a simple hardware change. My particular holster is made with Holstex material with a carbon fiber print on it. This color in particular Blood Red has just been released by Index Fasteners Kydex Division ( ). The red color has a certain pop to it. The .080 thick Holstex has great strength, but still allows great definition. The holster attaches via some winged belt loops, this is the first time I have had a chance to use them. The do hold the holster much closer to the body allowing the concealment aspect to be enhanced. The use of the wings also allows the weapon to ride with or with out a cant.

As you can see these 2 holsters are made with attention to detail and a genuine desire to produce the finest gear possible. Tony can be reached by using either his personal email or giving the shop a call at 734-392-7630. The also have a Facebook page that will have the very latest information on new products ( You also can see new product videos on their YouTube channel ( multi holsters )


Make sure to check out the other gear review at





Greenforce Tactical and Maxpedition a marriage made in Heaven !!!

Greenforce Tactical's and Maxpedition a marriage made in Heaven

I own multiple bags that have the option of carrying a concealed handgun inside. Most of the time it is a secondary full size fighting pistol, but the standard universal holster always well sometimes maybe kinda worked. Nope pretty sure it didn’t ever really work. It left something to be desired most days. This was especially so when carrying a weapon with mounted light, most of the time it will hang up during the draw. Universal most of the time means that it works somewhat but not always. It provides no built in retention what so ever so it the bag is tipped over the weapon will fall out of the holster and it will not be in position when the time comes to draw the pistol.

Christian of Greenforce Tactical and I were talking about a quality replacement for the nylon holster used in these bags. We decided it should have click retention so that even if you were hanging upside down the weapon would be just where you put it. Using an open bottom design will allow to use multiple handguns for the given holster. Using the Glock 9/40/357 holster will allow you to carry any of the sub-compact, compact, full-size and the practical-tactical size guns. The only limiting factor is the size of your bag, using both the Maxpedition Jumbo and Mongo Versipacks I can carry all 4 frame sizes. This holster is the same great quality as I have come to expect from Greeforce is uses a flat back to facilitate the mounting of the holster inside the bag. This is a prototype (hence the Top Secret Squirrel patch) so the velcro wasn’t attached to the back put I do believe that the production version will have it included. The model here is a 2 tone green and black version but it can be had in any of the colors Christian has available. A video review will be forth coming. Christian can also be reached at Greenforce Tactical’s Facebook page

Well enough with the talk here are some of the pics. You can order this holster from Greenforce Tactical’s webstore





Citizens send message to Spokane prosecutor's office in Gerlach case

Gail GerlachBy Mark Knapp

Gail Gerlach is a Spokane area resident who has been acquitted of first-degree manslaughter charges. He shot 25 year old Brendon Kaluza-Graham on March 25, 2013. The shot killed Kaluza-Graham who was driving away in Gerlach’s vehicle. The defense argued that the Defendant saw the fleeing man make threatening gestures that looked like he was pointing a gun at Gerlach when the vehicle was about ten or twelve feet away but certainly not 66 feet as the prosecution reportedly argued.

The deceased man’s family was disgusted with the way the media portrayed Kaluza-Graham, saying their relative was made into a “one-dimensional thief.” According to the Spokesman Review, one family member lamented, “He was made into a poster boy for the angst of the community, a sacrificial lamb. That’s not right.”

“He had hopes and dreams,” said Ann Kaluza. “He was made into a poster boy for the angst of the community, a sacrificial lamb. That’s not right.”

Gerlach, who reportedly faced up to a decade in prison if found guilty, turned down a plea offer in which prosecutors offered him one year of confinement. Gerlach testified that he thought he saw Kaluza-Graham pointing a pistol at him through the back window of Gerlach’s SUV. His perception was that it was a gun and that “this was it”, that he was going to be killed.

Gerlach told prosecuting attorney, Deric Martin, that he wasn’t aware children were gathering at a bus stop near where the shooting took place. Would he have acted in the same way even had he known they were there? One police officer brought up the presence of children that he saw after he had arrived on scene. There were children present at some point but the shooting was before the normal school bus stop time according to the Defendant, Gail Gerlach.

“Even if you had been aware, as you testified in direct examination, any kids at that bus stop would have been collateral damage,” Martin stated to the Defendant.

“… if you’d missed Mr. Kaluza-Graham or missed your vehicle, and hit one of them, that’s just a risk you were willing to take?” Martin asked.

“I didn’t miss,” Gerlach said.

Under the pressure of cross-examination from Martin, it sounded cocky. Bob Smith related much of this to me and assures that the Defendant is not arrogant or cocky. All acknowledge that the shot, while aimed at the threat, was a fluke. It hit glass, a child’s car seat and headrest before striking Kaluza-Graham. Gerlach testified that he shot because he believed if he didn’t, he would have been killed.

Robert Smith, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, was an expert witness whose testimony was critcal in Gerlach’s trial. Smith spent over four hours testifying and was instrumental in helping the jury reach a verdict of not guilty. I asked him to share his observations regarding the case and he told me that he spent the last seven to eight months on Gerlach’s defense team with an associate, a retired state crime lab expert in firearms forensics. Smith’s expertise is in use of force, particularly lethal force.

Smith has no time for “gun shop commandos” or gun prohibitionists. He has been a law enforcement firearms instructor who also teaches armed citizens. After over three decades of such instruction he found some lessons in the case from which we can all learn.

The term “furtive movement” describes exactly what happened in Gerlach’s case. Smith uses the example of the Spokane County deputies who shot a man that presented keys in a manner that the deputies took as threatening. What the officers knew at the time that they had to make such a critical decision is how they must be judged by a police review board or a jury.

According to Smith, the media did not show bias against the deceased man but may have “massaged” the facts in such a way as to make Gerlach out to be an irresponsible gun owner.

“This case has never been about defending against a property theft by using lethal force. It has always been about self-defense against a perceived threat of deadly force against Mr. Gerlach, and that is what the jury understood, after weighing the facts of the case. Yet some of the media has reported before, during, and after the verdict that this is what the case was about.”

The news media published a high school graduation picture of the Brendon Kaluza-Graham and another picture surfaced after the trial that appearedto be Kaluza-Graham at about 12-14 years old. This is what many found so reprehensible in the George Zimmerman trial; i.e., photos that were several years younger than what the so-called victim looked like at the time of his crime. No sympathy for the armed citizen, no reports regarding all the other vehicles that Kaluza-Graham stole or even very much about 25 grams of methamphetamine in his possession. “He was just turning his life around.”

While the possession and the possibility that Kaluza-Graham was under the influence of drugs was inadmissible, it was known to the defense during the trial and explained the behavior Gerlach described. Remember the Zimmerman case? The City of Sanford fired their police chief because he refused to refer charges against Zimmerman. Eventually pressure was brought to bear via the media and protesters many of whom were threatening violence in the streets of Sanford, Florida. Even the U.S. Department of Justice brought pressure to bear and there is evidence Holder’s DOJ was committing resources to coordinate the protesters calling for Zimmerman to be prosecuted.

Eventually, prosecutors stepped forward at the state level and put a whole new spin on Zimmerman’s case. Unless you keep an extra two-three hundred thousand dollars lying around just for your criminal defense, it may be wise to not saying anything “that can and will be used against you in a court of law.” As law enforcement officers are told, “You may not go to jail because you did something wrong. You may go to jail because you could not articulate that what you did was right.”

Armed citizens are taught the same thing in most Use of Force classes. There is a reason police get 48-72 hours before they are required to make statements, Smith says. “We are all subject to the same psychological effects related to that critical incident. Learn the 2-5 minimal things to say, then don’t say anything more until you have had time to rest, reflect and seek counsel, both legal and psychological.”

The suggestion that Kaluza-Graham had a new job interview the next day makes for a good human interest story but isn’t Gerlach as sympathetic a victim as the deceased? Gerlach thought he was about to be killed and has been through hell and back- about $300,000.00 worth of hell! Isn’t that worth some sympathy?

Incidentally, the jury will now decide whether to award Gerlach reasonable attorney’s fees under Washington State’s special verdict statute for self-defense cases. The cost of his legal defense may be close to $300,000.00.

The jury deliberated a relatively short amount of time and determined that the case was one of self-defense. That means the state owes the defense some fees. A hearing on fees is expected within the month. Smith should have no problem getting outside expert fees. Defense attorneys, David Stevens and Richard Lee, showed the jury what it means to see things as a reasonable man or woman.

The case also show the Prosecutor’s Office not to file charges against honest citizens that are trying to do the right thing. The Spokane Prosecutor’s Office actually took a vote- three were for and three against filing; Steven Tucker broke the tie. Bob Smith comments, “Really, we charge now by vote, not evidence?”

The case was also forwarded to Steven Tucker’s office by the Spokane Police Department with no recommendation- which in a way is a recommendation. Tucker also publicly stated that he “wanted to send a message to the citizens of Spokane.” Well, perhaps the citizens sent a message back via the jury. Reasonable men and women can look at things from the point of view of what Gail Gerlach knew when he thought he saw a gun pointed at him.

Chicago Concealed Carry Holder Fights Off Armed Men in Self Defense

Famous writer, Saul Bellow, once said, “No realistic, sane person goes around Chicago without protection.” Sadly, laws in Chicago make that extremely difficult.A very lucky man with a permit to carry a concealed weapon might possibly have saved his own life by fending off two assailants this week.

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