The Mini Thunder Hammer

There are many different types of impact weapons considered non-lethal used for self defense like kubotan, keychain, yawara stick, and mini Asp baton to name a few. Not too many people have heard of or think to carry a mini size hammer, otherwise known as the mini thunder hammer. With the added weight and design the mini thunder can be used to generate devastating impact.

Doug Marcaida a Filipino Martial Arts Expert consultant for various Government agencies on “Weapons of Opportunity”. In this segment Doug demonstrate techniques and strikes with the mini thunder. The area of the hammer that can be used to land a strike are:

  • face
  • butt end of the grip
  • eye
  • claw

The claw area can be used for joint and limb control tactics. What’s unique is that this demonstration isn’t performed in the one or three step kata type that most traditional martial artists uses.

The_Mini_Thunder_HammerThe technique is applied in a free flow type of drill known as “Hubbad” (not the full name, sorry) in the Filipino martial arts, the phrase means to tie and untie. The hubbad drill can be trained while using sticks, knives and empty hands at the close quarter range (within arms reach). The idea behind all this is to apply the technique and strikes while in motion during the block and counter exchange. Enjoy!

For more information on Doug Marcaida go here.

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