Think Twice before Robbing this Store

What happens when you bring a fight to a gun store?

When two men entered the Dixie Gun and Pawn at 11 am to rob the place, it’s hard to tell what they were thinking. Were they aiming for a store next door? Did they really think they had a foolproof plan? Were they just bored and looking to spice up their lives?

They tried to wave guns, and one man even tried to pull a second handgun, but they neglected the thought that maybe, just maybe, the store clerk at the Dixie GUN and pawn might also be carrying a gun.

The man tried to pull a second gun was promptly shot dead by the worker behind the counter, while the other fled and has not been identified yet.

The shooting was excellent, and in this writer’s opinion, justified; But of course, that doesn’t excuse the callous disregard for life that has followed suit.

The comments of the video have ranged from simply insensitive (suggestions that the dead man’s body be photographed and turned into a cardboard standee to ward off other intruders) to outright racist (comments with phrases like “Then again, black guys aren’t known for being smart”).

While the man behind the counter should be praised for his calm under pressure and survival instinct, let’s not forget that even poor life choices don’t stop a person from being human. In this case, this was a life-or-death situation and life-or-death measures were taken, but it is still not acceptable to treat a death as callous humor, and it is never acceptable to make racist comments. This writer is apalled. In 2017, we should all be better than this.


@Jack_Mehoffer�before the shot, the criminal look at his fellow. Bad decision for him.

@raven11356�You’d think two black guys would avoid tempting fate by not robbing a gun shop named after the Confederate South. Then again, black guys aren’t known for being smart.

@Jack Tors�It’s not a “robbery suspect” that died on the floor – it’s an armed robber.
Lucky they have a camera in the shop…

@ValleyBlacksmith�Well stated. I wouldn’t be surprised if the newsy types used the word ‘allegedly’ somewhere in there description of the event. FFS it’s stone cold proven on video and they’ll give benefit of the doubt. I’m all for ‘innocent until proven guilty’, but I think this one was settled.

@stoma_rider�Less than 2 seconds and that gun store clerk assesed, drew and center massed that clown. That was homey’s last robbery.

@jeffbaustin�He doesn’t move an inch after gravity is finished. Dead as a door nail.

@PHILBAWDY�Ya a .45 packs one hell of a punch. Old man even held steady on the recoil. This is how it should be. Government wants to take guns away from these people so they can get robbed all the time and possibly killed. The government can shove it up their ass

You know he’s been waiting for years for that to happen.
Who robs a gun/pawn shop? That’s the worst target to choose.

by Sam Morstan

Sources: LiveLeak

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