Surviving a Knife Attack

Knife attacks from the front can be scary, many knife attacks are psychologically personal. Ryan Hoover of Fit-to-Fit Krav Maga goes over some simple principles and tactics to defend against a frontal knife attack.

Surviving_Scary_Knife_Attacks_Krav_MagaFirst Method Re-Direct/Stun

  • Create a better angle
  • Redirect
  • Attack the aggressor, not the weapon

Basically, Ryan’s example is with a swift slap to the aggressor knife hand and instantly running diagonally to his left at a 45 degree angle. Ryan also shows upon removing or getting off line of the knife, he delivers a quick kick to the groin and runs off.

Second Method – Control
The second method is based off of the first in regards to creating a better angle and redirect. But what if the opportunities and dynamics of it all isn’t the same as in the first scenario, but wind up having to fight with this knife attacker. And, the struggle is now to control the knife to minimize any injuries.

Two on One
Two on one is a term taken from Greco-Roman wrestling, where you have control over an arm with both of yours. The ideal positioning is to stand on the outside of the aggressor, so that it’s easier to defend from than standing in front of the aggressor. When you’re in front you have to deal with all four of his weapons (2 hands, 2 feet).

Surviving_Knife_Attacks_Krav_MagaSo basically, Ryan demonstrates this 2 on 1 control as being more dominant than trying to grab the knife with one hand manipulating them into a wrist/joint locks. Upon hands on Ryan delivers a headbutt as this is the most economical in terms of motion and directness. Headbutt can be delivered to the aggressor chin or shoulder(secondary target). The takedowns is by hanging on to the aggressor arm while maintaining the position and control, then lowering your center gravity by getting semi squatting will result in going to the ground. Once you see the aggressor is going down, you can release do a quick kick and run away.

Just a note to our readers, our videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only.
For more information on Ryan Hoover at and Straight Blast Gym, Karl Tanswell Founder of STAB program

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