Russian AK-107

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Considered one of the most popular counterbalance assault rifle ever developed, is also one of the most well sought after. So basically it means for those that want to shoot a fully automatic rifle with control recoil and accuracy, this is it.
Russian AK-107
AK-107 Info

  • Gas operated with a rotating bolt
  • 5.45 rounds
  • Muzzle break up front
  • Bolt carrier comes to the rear a gas piston with a reciprocating rod goes forward. Hooked together by two gears or a cog, this is what stops the recoil.

Here’s another explanation of the recoil operation when compared to an AK-74 from Reddit Guns:
when the bolt moves back on a normal AK-74 (im using this because it uses the same round unlike the AK-47). the backwards movement actually absorbs some of the recoil and delays when the shooter feels it. newtons’s 2nd law. in order for the BCG to travel back the gun must feel a forward force, which reduces recoil. then when the spring pushes the BCG forward the gun feels a backward motion.
the upside of this is instead of all of the recoil hitting you in .02s (made up number) it hits you over .03s (made up number). so the impulse is the same, but the average force is lower. the downside of this is that it creates a push pull cycle that creates a cyclic movement of the muzzle. so instead of just applying one constant force to keep the muzzle still, the shooter needs to apply a constantly varying force to compensate for the change in the recoil’s force and the change in the gun’s overall center of gravity.
the AK-107 recoil system with the forward moving bolt basically does the opposite. higher force but very consistent. so it will kick a little harder. But the kick is consistent so you only need to apply 1 force constant force making it easier to keep on target (hence the increase in tested accuracy). Think about aiming something heavy, vs aiming something that vibrates.

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