Quick down and dirty on How to Clean a Pistol

Here are the basics of what you should have to clean you pistol.
But first Be sure to Clear your pistol
Pistol Cleaning tools

  • clean patches
  • tooth brush
  • short cleaning rod w cleaning rod loop
  • cleaning solvent
  • gun lubricant/protectant

Is there a faster way to clean you pistol than this? Yes, of course here’s a comment from Jack Burton
Find a plastic bin that is about six to eight inches deep and large enough to hold your firearm comfortably. Break down the gun as in the video and place the pieces in the bottom of the bin. Fill the bin with enough hot tap water to cover the gun parts by about an inch. Let it soak for about 20 minutes and then pour off. The crud on the gun has softened up by this time.

Refill the bin with the same level of more hot water. Pour an eighth-cup of good quality dish washing liquid throughout the water. Dawn Ultra is known for its grease-cutting ability.

Start a load of clothes in the clothes washer. Place the bin in the center of the top of the washer after it starts. When the washer has stopped, remove the bin and rinse off all the pieces. Ninety-eight percent of the dirt and crud will be gone, and from places that you didn’t even know was dirty. There might be a few stubborn pieces hanging on but they will easily come off with a bit of light scrubbing.

It is important to completely dry the gun afterwards. Use a hair dryer if needed to force the water out of the nooks and crannies so there is no residual rust happening afterwards. Oil and lube as the video shows, as the washing removed every little bit that was on the handgun.

Source: DailyMotion, Tom Mchale, Jack Burton

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