POF P416 Meltdown Test

In this shoot (no pun intended) Eric Youtuber takes out a the POF P416 for a little fun. The idea is to get a new gun out and start shooting it till it breaks. This is a different approach compared to doing a sand and mud stress test.

One of the thing that Eric is testing is “stuck case“, this tends to stick more on an AR when the chambers are dirty. Eric will be running Wolf 62-Grain ammunition, using Magpul P-mags and D60 drums loaded with fifty rounds.

Eric does mag dump after mag dump until a weapon fails to see how this POF performs.

This is just a pure meltdown test on the POF, see the action below for results.

In reality these tests prove nothing. Magazine fed, closed bolt, air-cooled weapons with thin barrel are not meant to act as squad automatic weapons. However, for us into guns, watching this type of test is extremely satisfying to watch.

Video Transcription
Alright Guys, welcome back, this is Eric with Iraqveteran8888, and you guessed it, we’ve got another meltdown video for you guys today, we’re gonna be having some fun with the POF P416. This is an awesome machinegun, we thought we would do something a little bit different than what we’ve done in some of the previous videos. You know before we were kind of cobbling together guns or sort of building guns, which is fine, and we’ll probably end up doing a little bit of that in the future as well, but we thought ‘hey, why not get POF down’, get a factory machine gun out, and have a little fun, see what it takes to kill this thing. So, we’re gonna talk a little bit, briefly, about this gun, it’s got some really interesting features. You’ve got a 10 and 1/2 inch fluted, medium-profile barrel.

So for starters, it’s definitely a rigid barrel, you do have some flutes, so there are some points there that, maybe, who knows, that could fail or something, we’ll see. The operation is a short-stroke gas piston arrangement, so it is a piston upper, and POF as a company is known for making great guns in that respect, so you know we’re gonna get some nice clean operation right here. This barrel nut acts as a really big ‘ol honkin’ great heatsink right here, which is great, hopefully we’re gonna see that kind of– the thermal, maybe, will give us an idea what’s going on in terms of heat transfer right there, we’ve got a Trijicon MRO, which is a great optic. You know of course in these videos, I don’t typically use the optic, but hey, we wanna see if it jettisons off or falls apart or breaks, maybe later if the gun is stll running, we’ll see if she’s still running right and everything like that, which of course, I don’t expect anything less there. Also, an important factor of this gun that we need to mention is the E-square chamber system, there are these minor little flutes that are cut into the neck area in the chamber to aid in extraction and injection. The expanding gasses actually assist in extraction, so it’s a really really cool system. Hopefully we won’t get any stuck cases, which, really we are running Wolf 62-Grain ammunition today, so, if you’re gonna get a stuck case, it’s generally gonna be steel, tends to stick a little bit worse in ARs. But ARs are notorious for getting stuck cases if the chambers are not kept clean, so that’s something we’re gonna be more or less testing here.

We’re going to be running the test in the same exact order as all the previous videos, so all the mags are staged up, running Magpul P-mags for almost the entire test here for the most part, we’ve got D60 Drums, but they are loaded down with fifty rounds, to mimic the 50-round counts that ran in the Xproducts drums in the first videos. So, that’s also going to be a test of the D60 drums as well, so let’s uh, get this sucker stoked up, ready to go, and we’ll see what it takes to kill a little 416 here.

Alright guys, POF P416, let’s run her ’till she stops!

Here we go!

[Rapid fire]

Going along swimmingly.

Oh this looks fun.


What did all that poor dirt down there do to me?

Getting an odd rate-of-fire change there, that’s kinda weird.

Come on, baby!

Sources: Iraqveteran8888 Youtube, Eric, SOFREP

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