Make a Mini Flamethrower

How to make a mini flamethrower with household supplies! Yes, you too can make one to build a fire at your next camp outing or just to bring it up at a cocktail party. Here are the items that you will need to get started watch the video to see instructions on setup and assembling:

  • BBQ starter
  • Bic lighter
  • Syringe
  • Glue Gun

Video Transcript:
Mini Flamethrower

Inventor719: Hello everyone, Inventor 719 here, and today I have a VERY cool how-to video, where I’m going to be showing you guys how to make your very own simple flamethrower. Let’s get started.

[Intro sequence]

All you’re gonna need for this project is four simple household items: You’re gonna need a barbecue lighter that you can take apart, it will have to have gas in it. A little lighter like this cigarette lighter, mine’s basically capped but it doesn’t matter. You’re gonna need a little syringe or needle, size is kind of irrelevant, I have one this size, it works perfectly. And you’re gonna need a hot-glue gun.


First grab your barbecue lighter, and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna remove the gas tank part right here. So you may have seen in my other videos, but all you’re gonna do is remove the screws, take off the little cap part right here, break the lighter open, and simply take the clear square part out, and what you’ll be left with is this right here, and by pulling up on the valve here you can get gas to come out, so this is what we’re going to use for the fuel for our flame thrower.


To make the actual flame thrower, grab your needle and take off the safety cap, and CAREFULLY –depends on the model, but on mine you can just– unscrew the top and the actual pointy part will come off. So you’re gonna SAFELY dispose of this in a Sharps container or something, and of course use an unused needle, because if not that would be very unsanitary and quite gross. So, now what we have to do is mount it just like so on the top of your lighter, plunger at the back, and so the opening to the flame of your cigarette lighter is close to the nozzle as you see there. And we’re gonna use the hot-glue gun for that.

There is the completed flamethrower, and a bit of tape for extra support, aside from the hot glue. There you have it, now let’s do some shooting tests. So I’ve turned the lights down, and we’re gonna pull the plunger all the way back. We’re gonna fill this part here with gas right here, tip it upside-down since the butane is heavier than air, for about five seconds (three, four, five), now before it all runs out, light the lighter and press the plunger. [thwip]


I’ll go it again for you, a side view in the dark. [Thwip]

That might’ve been a bit too close, here’s a bit farther away. [Thwip]

[instant replay]

Here’s another the Point of View

Pretty cool.

Alright everyone, thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this simple but very cool project, I hope you like it, let me know what you think in the comments below. As always, help me reach the fifty-thousand subscriber mark, I’m getting up there, and I’m going to be doing a givaway, so look forward to that, and if you’re not subscribed, please subscribe, I promise you’ll like my channel. So thanks for watching, and as always, like, comment, and subscribe.

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