Super Fast 9mm Magazine Loaders

The folks from B&T AG formerly known as Brügger & Thomet AG of Switzerland created this super fast magazine loader for the MP9 and HK MP5 which shoots the 9mm rounds, but before you get it for your Glocks, hold on.

A loader like this WILL NOT work with a single-position-feed magazine like a Glock (or pretty much any pistol) magazine. It will ONLY work with a double-position-feed magazine like most SMGs and rifles use.

Comments from the video
The magazine on the left and in the middle is a Glock magazine. Like 99 % of all pistol magazines, it is a single-position-feed magazine. Please note the small width of the magazines lips. They are too small to load a cartridge directly from above. With magazines like this you have to place the cartridge in front of the magazine lips, press it down and then slide it back into the magazine. This movement cannot be accomplished by our loader.

The APC9 magazine on the right (like a MP5 or an UZI magazine) can be loaded directly from above. Please note how wide the lips are here. You place a cartridge directly on top of the magazine and just press it down. Only magazines of this type can be loaded with a loader functioning like ours.

Spend more time shooting and less time reloading.

BT-231229 for B&T MP9
BT-231230 for HK MP5

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