A Gun that can do it all

Demolition Ranch Tests the Taurus Judge

The Taurus Judge is the gun that can do it all, check it out as Matt from Demolition Ranch puts it to the test in as many ways as possible.

Most people have at least heard of the Taurus Judge and the Taurus Judge Public Defender, and you’ve probably heard the claim that it’s the gun that can do it all.

Today you’ll get to see that claim put to the test as Matt from Demolition Ranch puts just about as many different types of rounds as possible through these guns and gives them all sorts of tests.

What we really like is the versatility in a single weapon. You can shoot a target anywhere from long distance with the .45 or the .410 slug to up close with any of the buckshot or even birdshot options in the .410.

You can even load the gun simultaneously with different rounds if you are using it as a defensive weapon so that as you continue to pull the trigger your ammo changes to different distances.

by Chris Buckner

Source: Demo Ranch Youtube

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