KAC SR-15 MOD2 Sand Dump Test

Sand Dump Test after 15,000 rounds without cleaning

Here’s John Johnston of Ballistic Radio out with the KAC SR-15 Mod2 running it through their sand dump test.

Video Transcript:
John Johnston: “We on? …So, we hit fifteen thousand rounds with a knights-armament test rifle with no appreciable problems or really anything. Still shootin’ one MOA or better, um… so. A lotta people have been asking about…oh… doing stupid shit like this. Like here’s a fifty-pound bag of quick-crete all-purpose sand, there’s the rifle, ([grunting]Oh, outta shape)”

“Battlefield conditions, right minion?”

Minion: “Mmhm.”

John: “Just like in Call of Duty. Right, Ok! Let’s see if it still works!” [Fires several shots] “‘What you mean rifles still work when dirty?’ Pff. I don’t know what else to say, uhm. I’ll do this a couple more times, but uh, fifteen-thousand rounds, hasn’t been cleaned, hasn’t been lubed in about what, twelve-hundred rounds?”

Minion: “Mhm.”

John: “Uhm, I just poured fifty pounds of sand on the gun directly, no camera tricks here. Still seems to be working just fine, so there you go.”

“So I know we just did this but, I just threw it back in the sand. Let’s see if it still works.”

[Several shots]
John: “That’s two magazines now. No problems. ‘But as soon as it gets sand in it, it quits working!’ or not. So… uh, we’ll do this some more!”

[Several shots]
John: “Three magazines?”
Minion: “Mhm.”
John: “Ok. Let’s do that some more. Is it goin?”
Minion: “Yup.”
John: “And just to show you, it’s… yeah, kinda… kinda dirty.”

[Several shots]
John: “Four magazines?”
Minion: “Four magazines.”
John: “Here, gimmee another one. Let’s keep this runnin’.”

[Several shots]
John: “Five magazines?”
Minion: “Five!”
John: “Nice.”

[Several Shots]
John: “It seems to still work. I mean I know it’s not fuckin’ doritos and cheeze-its and mountain dew ‘n shit, but we’ve got all sorts of crap, it’s in the action, it’s all fuckin over everything, um. Seems to still work just fine. So, anyway… I mean, I know it’s not an AK, but fifteen-thousand rounds, no cleanings, and dirty as fuck: still working. I don’t really know what else y’all want. So there ya go.”

Source: John Johnston – Ballistic Radio
Transcribed by Sam Morstan

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