Glocks vs 1911

The never ending debate

The never ending debate of which is better for every day carry and personal protection continues. Here are some threads expressing their sentiments on Glocks and 1911 forums.

First off its really a never ending battle that isn’t comparably fair, but I’ll say a few things.
The best firearm, in this case a Glock or 1911 is the one you’re most proficient shooting.
I’d say the pure fact that a gun made within the last 30 years that can even come up in conversation to rival a 100+ year old respected firearm has certainly accomplished something, Glocks aren’t made to show off, but the reliability has made it a beauty to those that own them.
1911, well.. Holding a piece of history that fits your hand perfect just gives you a well rounded feeling and although more recent firearms allow for larger mag capacity and such, it isn’t going away anytime soon. Personally I’m a true Glock fan, but I don’t have anything bad to say about either. Excellent firearms. I’ll take both:)

I like the glock because it’s more fun to say. “I’MMA GLOCK YOU IN DA FACE!”

1911 is a much nicer platform. Glocks are notoriously hard to get sighted in correctly due to the lack of a true iron sight, and instead just the dots on the slide. Try shooting both at your local gun club/range, I would be willing to bet you prefer the 1911.

I don’t think anyone would say the Glock is a bad pistol because it’s not. They’re incredibly reliable, if ugly, tools. I think most people, at least on a 1911 forum, will say that that the feel of a 1911 in the hand and the trigger will beat the snot out of a Glock any day of the week.

Consistent training with both. I can now grab the Glock and with eyes closed, come to a Natural Point of Aim. Sights dead on. But that’s also thousands of draws from different positions. Can do the same with a 1911. Think based on the grip feel, I recognize it and based on muscle memory of the grip, the NPA is easy to differentiate between.

Vintage, I completely agree that the 1911 grip angle and trigger cant be beat.

Really, there’s a debate? They’re both great weapons. They both go bang. One is pretty, one isn’t. One’s expensive, one isn’t. One has ergonomics, one doesn’t. What’s the debate?

Why does is have to be either/or? Why the debate and drama?
If you like both the universe will not implode.
I buy the guns I like. End of story.

Maybe Glocks are like a Honda Civic with a big wing on the trunk, a four speed automatic, some go fast stickers and a bottle of nitrous.
1911s are like a finely turned sports car with rear wheel drive a manual transmission.
Yeah, you can make the Honda work, it’ll get you around town, the 16 year olds at 7-11 will be impressed and you can tell yourself it is just as good as the finely turned sports car, but well…..

So to summarize, either pistol will work just fine as long as you take care of it and train with it often. Yes, the drama of comparing the two is a bit unnecessary. To paraphrase one forumgoer: “Whichever you go with, if you practice it enough you’ll be ahead of most.”

Story by Sam Morstan

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