Home Defense: 5 Tactics To Prevent an Intruder

There’s more to it than Bang Bang for Home Defense

There are roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year — 66% of those being home break-ins. That translates to one burglary every 13 seconds. So don’t be surprised if one day an armed robber with an AR-10 scope attached decides to break into your home. But here’s the good news:
You can significantly lower the possibility of a home invasion. How? By following these 5 proven tactics I mention below. Let’s get started.

Security Cameras
Let’s start with the obvious: Security Cameras.
If a robber sees cameras set up around your property, they’ll most likely move right past your house onto an easier target. The reason? Proper security cameras monitor and record activity outside your home 24/7. That’s why homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized.
Not only do security cameras monitor activity, but most modern systems have features like:

  • ● An Alarm System – Some security cameras come with an alarm system. If the alarm system is armed and the cameras detect an intruder attempting to break a window or door, it’ll automatically sound an alarm (and even notify local authorities).
  • ● Motion Detection – Someone snooping around on your property? The cameras will most likely pick up the motion and send an alert to you via email and smartphone.
  • ● Mobile Remote Viewing – Allows you to view the cameras anywhere, anytime, at the tip of your fingers. Pretty cool, right?

In short: If you don’t have security cameras set up, you should invest in some. It’ll help prevent burglars and vandals from tampering with your property.
Now, arming your home with security cameras (and an alarm system) is a great place to start. However, a layered approach offers even more protection. That’s why I recommend to…

Reinforce Exterior Doors
I never realized how easy it is to kick open a door until I tried it myself. Teaming up with a couple of security experts, we set up demonstration doors — the same doors most houses use. On average, it took around two to three kicks to break the door open.
It’s no wonder 65 percent of break-ins occur by barging in either through the front, back or garage door. That’s when I realized I should reinforce all my exterior doors. And that’s exactly what I did with three simple (and proven) lock reinforcements:
● Add a quality Grade 1 deadbolt
● Replace the deadbolt door strike plate with a four-screw strike box and faceplate
● Replace the lip door strike plate with 3-inch wood screws
The best part? You don’t have to be a professional technician to install these reinforcements.

The best part? You don’t have to be a professional technician to install these reinforcements.
Just buy the materials — like EZ Armor, which is a door reinforcement kit that comes with everything you need — and follow the installation instructions provided. Once you’ve reinforced all your exterior doors, it’s time to…

Reinforce Exterior Windows
Most burglars will try to break in through your door. However, if you reinforced it (like in the previous step), then they’ll try your windows next. That’s why you should burglar-proof your windows as well. Here are a couple of options you can take:
● Plant cacti or thorny bushes beneath the window
● Add stoppers, which are pins, nails or screws that tightly secure the window down
● Install window bars
● Upgrade the windows to tempered glass
● Install security films
Now that your windows are nearly burglar-proof, let’s add an extra layer of protection by

Motion Triggered Lights
As the name suggests, motion-triggered lights are lights that are activated as soon as motion is detected.
This is a great system to install around your house as some intruders tend to rob at night. And here’s the best part:
Motion triggered lights are cheap, reliable and straightforward. For example, I bought a pack of 4 solar-powered, motion sensor lights for only $30. And to this day, it still works like a champ.
If you do end up ordering a set, make sure the lights are properly angled to cover every exterior door and window. Another effective motion-detecting option is a…

Protection Dog
Here’s the truth:
Dogs are one of the most effective home defense companions on this list. (Especially if you get a guard dog like a Dobermann, German Shepherd or a Staffordshire Terrier). The reason? Because they’re pretty much a walking alarm. And I’m sure any dog owner would agree with me.
Here’s why:
Any time someone knocks on the door, they’ll set off a loud bark that’ll rattle the house. Even more, dogs occasionally stare out the window to see what’s going on outside. Again, a walking alarm. However, dogs are a huge responsibility — both financially and physically. So be sure you’re aware of the responsibilities before committing to the buy. That said, I leave you with one question…

How Will You Prevent a Home Invasion?
At night, I go to bed with my dog on watch, a security system armed, and a Glock 19 handgun close at hand. I have no worries. What about you?

Author Bio:
Richard Douglas is the founder of Scopes Field, a blog where he reviews the best scopes and guns on the market. He’s been featured on various magazines and publications like NEWSREP, ODU Magazine, Boyds Gun Stocks, Burris Optics, JPFO and so much more.