Glock 43X

New Slim Line
The popular Glock handguns announced their new Glock 43X back in January at Shot Show and gun guru Hickok45 had a chance to shoot this new Glock.
While he says this Glock doesn’t fit his way of use, he does give it a pretty good review. Here is what he had to say about it.
Hickok45 has been carrying Glocks for over 20 plus years, so yes, he’s a huge fan of Glocks.

Some Differences
The width of the slide of the 43X is exactly the same as the 43. However, the 43X frame is a little wider, We can’t say we like the idea of an all-new magazine design that isn’t compatible with older models.
Still, this firearm is probably one of the best option for anyone looking for a “boring reliable” 9mm defensive handgun. Yes, the 43X is a little bit larger in physical and magazine size than the 26.
The only negatives from Hickok45 is that the 43X is just a little too big to have in his pocket. He likes carrying pistols in his pocket such as the 642 S&W, LC9, PM9 and Glock43 as a pocket pistol.
He recommends you carry it with a holster. So why does one choose the Glock43X? Maybe, its because the Glock19 is a little too fatty for you to grip. So thats where the Glock43X can offer you a little less width at the grip size.
It really all depends on what you’re looking for in a concealed carry firearm. We recommend going to your local gun shop and test fire the 43X and see if it works for you before you make your decision.