Don’t try this at the Range

Well, different strokes for different folks…
This shocking gun range fail video will make you cringe.

Gun range safety is no laughing matter, although these Russian fellows in a Facebook video shared by Pop smoke sure seem to think so.

Watching this video, I just want to scream at the monitor. With fellow shooters downrange, other shooters fire off rounds into their targets. Afterwards, the shooters all have a good laugh. How is this funny?!

They are dealing with firearms that need to be used and respected for their power and lasting affects. This is not airsoft. This is high-velocity lead projectiles that can and do ricochet.

Oh, yes, an errant shot could leave one of these risk-takers bleeding out on the gun range.

Do not try to emulate these jokers.

Sources: Pop Smoke Facebook, Eric Nestor

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