Bullet Proof Mask

[su_heading size=”30″]Will a Bulletproof Mask save your Life?[/su_heading]

When Lloyd asked Harry, “But what if he shoot ya in the face?” I knew that there must be a solution to this problem, and we now have the solution.

Get a bullet proof face mask a Level II kevlar made from Bulkar, is light weight which can stop anything from a .22, 9mm, .40 cal to a .357 magnum.

Here’s a field test from Demo Ranch Youtuber.
They used the 44 special, magnum, 17 HMR and the monster Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum, see the results below.


Results from different ballistics:

  • 22 – only grazed the mask
  • 380 acp – didn’t go through
  • 9mm – didn’t penetrate, but probably feel the punch.
  • 40 cal Smith&Wesson – had good punched but didn’t penetrate all the way through
  • 44 Special – facemask caught the bullet, but will knock your teeth out
  • 44 Magnum w hollow point – this ballistic will go faster than the special, still didn’t go all the way through
  • 17 HMR – Its a 22 magnum case down to take a 17 cal bullet, velocity is fast, didn’t go all the way through
  • Smith&Wesson 500 Magnum – Big and powerful round, went all the way through the mask

The face mask is not very fashionable and would probably make others nervous when you walk into a stop and rob (7-11) store. But, if push comes to shove and you have one, it can save you as long as the other person doesn’t have the monster Smith & Wesson .500 magnum.

Sources: DemonRanch Youtube, Chris Buckner

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